OK ladies...Mens Butts?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by GreenMan, May 23, 2004.

  1. GreenMan

    GreenMan Member


    I'd like to hear if there are any ladies that like to look at, play with, kiss, bite, and generally desire to fool around with mens asses.

    Some men are funny about letting a lady play around down there. How much success have you had with it, and what was the best "butt-play" you did that your guy loved?;)
  2. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    hee heehe.. i never looked at guys butts until i met my boyfriend. he just has the perfect ass... its soooo cute and i always want to play with it. i think it makes him shy. sometimes when hes standing up and i am giving him head ill ask him to turn around so i can give him a kiss on the bum (so it doesnt feel left out) [​IMG]
  3. Sativagirl

    Sativagirl Member

    Well Greenman, I am one of those ladies who loves a great ass on a man. I like them proportioned just right, not too large and not flat. I am lucky that my guy has a fantastic ass and I love to play with it. I also love to look at it, squeeze it, slap it, and generally play with it - when ever or where ever possible. At first he thought it was sort of strange, he couldn't understand why I wanted to play with that part of him but now I think he is enjoying the attention in that area.

    Greenman - do you let your lady play around with yours? What do you like (if you don't mind my asking) ?
  4. GreenMan

    GreenMan Member

    Yeah - I have started to let my girl explore me "down there". It took me a while before I'd let her get too involved with it, using her tongue and stuff. Guess I just had to overcome some old inhibitions about that part of my body. It's weird because I've always loved womens asses, and I definitely enjoy going down on my ladyfriend's ass orally. But I was always shy about it myself.

    Now, I love it if she gives me a rim job. Jesus - it practically drives me off the bed and through the bedroom wall! But for me, anything bigger than her finger in my asshole - OUCH!!! I definitely understand why anal sex has to be take a very little at a time - in the beginning. The thought of something the size of a guys pecker in my ass - well again, OUCH!!
  5. Sativagirl

    Sativagirl Member

    Greenman -

    I can understand why you think anything bigger would hurt. My guy took it very slow when he started exploring this area on me to see what I liked and what I wanted. I thought the same thing at one time, but knowing how erotic he found my ass, and how badly he wanted to do more than just play with it, I just relaxed and before I knew it I was loving it also. It might be the same for you too.

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