ok i admit it... i have road rage!!

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by FunkyPhreshMama, May 13, 2004.

  1. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    seems to me that i am a completely normal pretty laid back person till i get behind the wheel of any vehicle.

    people seem to really love to try to come into my lane and sideswipe me a lot, it happens atleast twice a week and i cant help myself for some reason this turns me into a huge bitch and i roll down my window and yell "you stupid mother F***er, learn to drive, cant you look before you change lanes a** hole"

    and its not even old people who cant see me, its usually young teenagers or GIs (not speaking negatively but there are a lot of young gis in my town who think they own everything) who think "oh i can get in that lane, if there is someone there they will just have to move over" sorry to let them know i am not the kind of person to move over and take it, i will fight to the death to keep my spot in the lane HAHAHAHAHA
  2. Rockstock2004

    Rockstock2004 Member

    Me too. Well mine is to extreme..well maybe not so much as before, but yeah, pretty much extreme. If I was driving the highway at night or so, say like phoenix, az from california, which i did alot last summer, and i was going like 10 mph over the speed limit..someone came behind me, flashed their brights in my mirrors. oh baby, i've had enough of that..so i pull to the next lane, slam my brakes, and let the jerk pass. then I get right behind them, on their butt, flashing my lights bright and stop, then hold the brightness in their face. i take a knife out of the glove compartment and stick it out the window and try to stab them with it, while cussing at them, and saying you flash your brights at me like that again, ill kill you...they speed up to 100+ mph to get away from me, and i chase them down for miles. i scare them so bad, they get off the freeway..road rage?
  3. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    i dont have a knife or gun but i threw a coke can at a guy from my car once LOL
  4. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    hehe im the kind a driver youd get reeaallly pissed off at. I litterally go out of my way to piss off agressive drivers

    im no no hurry, i dont speed, fast lane or not I'll still do the speed the limit. I take my time making left hand turns and i alwasy stop when light turns oronge. I slowy take off to save gas. Of course Ill have no problem cutting you off when i have to change lanes. i drive a big old rusty dented pick up truck, I know youll get out of my way

    You might honk and screem at me but i dont care i'll just crank up the tunes and chill, maby if i need laugh I'll wave the one finger salute back at you. I like driving its relaxing, specially rush hour, everythings nice and slow and you get listen to more music.

    in 10 years of driving ive never had a ticket or a crash, and my insurance is $1500 cheaper a year than all my friends. so I figure im dooing it right.

    (yes i did get my learners liscence at 14)
  5. Especially when it come to drivers who hog the passing lane (left lane)
    it rally annoys me how some drivers hog that lane and start driving slow.

    Not that i acusse any of you but i mean it rally gets me "all fired up" and mad when that kinda thing happens i always end up pushing the driver in front of me to hurry up.

    I mean its the passing lane the passing lanes is for passing cars only not for hoging.

    for example i was driving yesterday a long a 2 lane road there was a slow garbage truck on the right lane, and then there was slow car in the left lane going the exact speed as the garbage truck,

    what happend was traffic started to build up on both lanes because that car on the left refuses to speed up or to change lanes, it rally got me peeved because that slowcar on the left lane refused to let any cars pass him and get throught.

    so i was forced to go the same speed as the garbage truck, about 30km/h for about 20 minutes.
  6. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    that actually anoys me too. but keep in mind that legally thier is no such thing as a passing lane. slow mooving vehicles must stay to the far right hand lane, but if your passing your still not allowed to speed. so if the dudes dooing the speed limit, he's in the right.

    no one ever tail gates me though . my motor burn so much oil I leave a smoke screen behind me.
  7. they actually started cracking down on drivers who do that in ottawa,

    Normally theres barley any cars here, so in theory there shouldn't be any traffic, but man you should see how many cars drive slow on the passing lane.

    theres like enought space for like 2 trucks to fit in on the left lane in between most carts on that lane, like i mean useing that lane to pass is one thing but useing it to drive slow and to start traffic is a diffrent story.

    The problem is the way the roads are designed here, most of the roads have a right lane ending, so most drivers start hoging the left lane, i do it too but i drive faster then cars on the right lane.
  8. freeinalaska

    freeinalaska Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I think we have some of the woest drivers in the world up here. GIs and new college students are pretty bad, but we also have the old time Alaskans who think that the can drive as fast as they want with their big ass 4wd trucks on icy roads.

    I try not to exibit too much anger with other drivers ever since I flipped off some asshole who cut me off, and he then pulled back beside me and pointed a hand gun at me.

    Also, once my 12 year old daughter asked me, " So Dad, it's ok to use the middle finger and the F word with bad drivers?"
  9. I heared about a driver in michigan who shot at a car and missed purpesly so he could get the message out to the driver in front.

    But serriously i think the problem is the more you drive the more you become confident in yourself and the more you feel like your a better driver then everyone.

    my road rage is fulled by the fact that there are drivers up there just don't wknow what the meaning of two lanes is, one is for slow moving cars the others for faster moving cars.
  10. southern_bell

    southern_bell Member

    Some people can't fucking drive. Or some people take stupid rides out and clog up traffic. GRRRR
  11. I wonder if I'll have road rage... I don't even know how to drive.. (I'm 15) ... I think it's hereditary though... My mom, Germa, and Aunt Lori get all stressed in traffic and start swearing up a storm... But my Germpa and Uncle Bennett don't really care.. lol.. Maybe it's a girl thing.. :)

  12. thetaintedfae

    thetaintedfae Member

    LOL My mom has horrible road rage. You must fear her when she is driving across the high way. :p
  13. You have no idea 89% of people either can't drive as in how did they pass the test oh your brother inlaw works at DMV.

    I drive a semi truck in the SF bay area I drive about 500 miles each day in my 10-12 hour shift one of the problems is most people don't know the rules of the road or don't care the ones who won't even go the speed limit to save gas are the ones who create traffic tie ups.

    every day to many times to count people merging onto the freeway have no clue that going 35 is not going to make it happen then they don't even look at the freeway traffic they need to get into.

    my favorite trucks in ca. are restricted to 55 mph in the right lane only period we are not supposed to move over to let stupid people merg. the new law it is there responsabilty to do it safely.

    then they call in and say we ran them off the road or they get made because we are holding them up like we wan't to go 55 there easy to spot having a black doughnut down the side of their car
  14. we have taken it to another level trading paint!

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