Oily Hair?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by TheSkaEffect, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. TheSkaEffect

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    I have naturaly oily hair, if I dont wash it everyday it gets pretty greasy looking.
    Would this pose a problem for dreading?
  2. Earthy Mama

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    with work, nope! My hair is oily and the only problem I have is sometimes I have to backcomb the ends up because they come undone! Just spray salt and lemon juice in your hair when it gets too oily and it'll dry it up. Just remeber to wash ur scalp good when you do wash your hair which should be once a week when your dreads first start. After a while your scalp seems to adjust and stop producing so much oil. At least mine did. Good luck with your dreads. :)
  3. ArtLoveMusic

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    Yea the reason people get really greasy hair these days is because of shampoos and conditioners. It messes up your natural oil productivity :)S worded funny i know) and makes your hair go crazy, the more you "wash" youre hair with products and take off the natural grease the more the hair wnats to replace it. If anything it will really help your scalp to dread it or just lay off the conditioners and shampoos for a while. Wash with a natural drying soap (no chemicals, moisturisers etc) and and NO conditioner and your hair should sort itself out after a months or so :)
  4. toolmaggot

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    Nah, dude, not at all. Hell, I'm ARAB, I'm greasy like an italian in a KY factory. The first month or so might be a little rough, with many bad words, but like aforementioned, your hair will adjust itself. Plus, another advantage of dreads is that your hair doesn't really LOOK greasy, as compared to getting all stringy and weird looking.
  5. DancerAnnie

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    I naturally have pretty oily hair myself, but I HATE washing it because it makes my scalp itch like MAD (even before the dreads). I don't wash it too often...maybe twice a month, now...but it doesn't look all that bad...and it doesn't seem to get as greasy now that I have dreads. Or maybe it's all in my head...LOL I don't know.

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