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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by cherryblossom092708, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. There's supposedly a North East Ohio Rainbow Family that gathers, the link that I've been told to visit is broken, and they have a Facebook page, but they're never on, people are complaining on their page about not being able to reach them, and I've tried to reach them myself with no luck. So if there is no unofficial gathering, would anyone like to start one with me?
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    Often there are paddle creek gatherings down near the ohio river.
  3. thank you, would you happen to know of where I could find someone that is involved? I can't find any info on it.
  4. kinulpture

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    I cant figure out how 2 pm you. I guess you dont have enuff posts yet. I just now remembered another gig maybe in ohio:www.savemaumee.org. facebook group is abigailkingsavemaumee. I've never gotten a reply from her, & her event isn't specifically rainbow. But it seems she may had connections to rainbow. I first heard of her on indiana regional rainbow fb group. Sometimes they r active. Abigail may be doin a float down the maumee river if ur into that kinda thing. Some ppl aint. But maybe they do other activities as well. I'm tryin to see if abigail will let us borrow the canoes to return to ft wayne indiana as that appears her home base. Im assuming the 12 canoes shes loaning for the float will be hauled bak to ft wayne by land. She did tell me the maumee can be paddled south or upstream.
  5. Great, thanks, I'll check them out.
  6. there's supposedly a pot luck held in goodale park in Columbus ohio

    I'm not sure if it's Tuesday or thursday

    the spikedrivers , a band featuring the guitarist from ekoostik hookah played a show in goodale park recently and there were a lot of rainbow types there but I didn't think to ask anyone about the pot luck

    good luck in your search !
  7. notrick

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    Athens Ohio is probably the best place in Ohio to get a start up going if one hasn't already begun. I've lived all over the world (currently Kauai'i) but the best place I can think of for a gathering in Ohio or anywhere eles is Hocking Hills. There are many deep hollows with falls and pools but it would have to be low impact--no impact because this is a living museum. There are caves that could sleep 80 or more, others a bit less.

    Try contacting Ann Moneypenny or Micheal Klinman.

    Even if you can't have a full gathering this is one of the most magical places I've ever lived.
    Also try the Athens Co-op
  8. kinulpture

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    Check out www.savemaumee.org this is a nonprofit group that floats the maumee river. It 3ends in ne ohio.

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