Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by captain_my_captain, May 15, 2004.

  1. this is flo/flowerkid....

    i think ive fallen in love with this girl and i cant stop thinking about her and its so painful becasue ive spent so many days without her and ive told her how i feel and she said she has very strong feelings for me and would do anything for me...and its so hard becasue i cant do anything yet becasue shes only out to me and im out to everyone minus parents....and i know she wants me and i want her so badly and i spend every hopeless hour on here waiting for her to email me and when i see her i lose all my words and i say something stupid or nothing at all and i get so nervous....oh god its so unbearable and i know im being so OTT and stuff but i hate being without her....i dont even know why i posted...i guess i just needed somewhere to vent....

    flo xx
  2. hey flo, i'm in a similar situation myself.

    oh, except the heart-breaking dire mad love part.

    regardless, it's similar. there's a wonderful girl i am emotionally intimate with who is not even sure of herself, therefore would never want us to be in a serious relationship where she would have to come out. i, however, am out to everyone.

    so although sometimes i do think i'm strangely in love with her (she is like no other, let me tell you - out of her mind), i try to ignore it. we've hooked up a few times and it was amazing...but she's too crazy...just too nuts. and i know i can't deal with secrecy.

    in terms of advice for you, i'm not so sure. i'm not sure what you can handle in terms of keeping things your secret. will she talk it out with you?
  3. yeah thanks for the advice eliza..but ive been in a secret relationship before and i think i couldd eal with it.....i told her how i felt and she said she had fallen in love with me and we're going out yippee!!! and its okay becasue i only have 3 more days of school being secret and then we have the whole summer and im/we're going to college in september and shes coming out then...anyway thanks for replying! flo xxx :)
  4. yeee



    that's awesome!!!!
  5. Patch

    Patch Member

    oh flo that is so awesome...yay...congrats!
  6. thankyou patch and eliza!
  7. RroshHaleSpon

    RroshHaleSpon Member

    Im kind of in the same situation. :(
  8. Jerlene

    Jerlene Member

    Hooray for bumping a nearly eight year old thread!

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