Oh, the Colors!!

Discussion in 'Photography' started by fundoo, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Well, this isn't really Spring (these were taken in Fall), so I've made a new thread. It's generic enough that if others want to chime in with pics, that's great too!

    I call this collection, "bugs on a flower".
    Heh! I just made that up now. I guess it works...although, I suppose it should be "insects" right?? hmm, oh well! :p



    ok, just testing the attachment options. Suppose I could start using that now, which would be awesome. Save some time. Ok, testing. Thanks!

    btw, the second photos are from an old phone camera, but still loved the colors.
    100120164249Reverie.jpeg 100120164249Reverie.jpeg
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    Love the one with the bee!
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    yeah, that was a better camera and I had a bit more time to play around with the shots. Butterflies don't linger very long and that was an older phone camera....but the colors!! :)
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    adding some more
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