Oh, my Lord!

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    A poem i made from the script of a play i'm writing:

    Lord, God: Hither, low and slithering race, stand before I

    He who hath made thee, and thine place

    And answer of me:

    Hast thou a heart which seeks purity,

    My light?

    Mankind: Nay, dear lord, for in my time

    My heart only sought

    To course my blood, to fracture, naught,

    My long life

    Nay, not my heart which seeks it’s whole

    And not my soul

    But tis my mind

    Lord, God: Then luster thine sword, broad thy shield

    Seek the valley, seek the field!

    Stifle now, my son

    Off to war, spoils won!

    Mankind: Nay, my lord, for I happened by chance

    That war for war

    Breeds ignorance

    Now, war for life, breeds joy in sing!

    Life the answer,

    Life the key!

    Lord, God: Then build unto me,

    An altar ten fold

    And bring to the slaughter

    The lamb and all beasts of cloven hoof

    So hence forth, from roof to roof

    And place to place,

    Man and woman shall sing of my glory and grace!

    Mankind: Nay, oh lord, for I dare say:

    How could such things please thee this way?

    Doth thou not seek spirituality, oneness, and faith?

    Of mans awe in your face?

    For if thou want lambs,

    Art thou not a man, like me, or the rest?

    A man in contempt, in his lust for the flesh!

    Lord, God: puny worm!

    Thou darest to accuse and defy me?

    I, who made thine heart and mind?

    I, the father of space and time!

    Mankind: nay, little lord; I stand hither, not of an enemy

    But an expression of my individuality

    I relay my opinions,

    And beg of thee, my case:

    That for all of space we, must roam this hellish place!

    Lord, God: be I not the Lord, God?

    Of all things,

    Should that sole fact

    Not justify thy pain?

    Mankind: oh, my lord, thou art a fool of fools!

    Blind is thee, to that which is bourn

    Surely you humor should make jesters mourn!

    Lord, God: My silly son,

    Remember, folly not

    I am, that I am
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