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    A little while ago I had these two dreams, one night after the other.

    The first: I was lying in this big bed, it was very comfortable and warm and all the sheets were grey with a tiny hinty of grey blue. There were lots of people in the bed around me under this one duvet so big we all had more than enough each. i was on the edge but no where near falling off ie there was no one on my left, but on my right there was a lady with longish lightbrown hair tied in a pony tail. She had these two eggs, both a little bigger than an ostrich egg, both with a slightly grey blue surface, she was dressed in light grey. But then one abruply rolled away from her - she'd been hugging them both - and rolled next to my right leg, sleepily I hugged it too me, and asked her if it was okay if I kept it, sort of saying "don't you want it?" I can't remember if I asked through my mind or speaking, but I remember me saying it quietly. I guessed that she didn't want it any more because she just sort of shook her head and feel asleep. I was kind of sad, but kind of happy, because I really wanted this egg as my own - it my my baby now, but there was kinda the feeling that it was never mine originally, but at the same time there was a connection I felt to it. Later on, after dozing off for a while, I awoke and found it hatching into a large gey chick, very fluffy. It suddenly began running around in strange fashion, kind of in circles.

    The second dream went like so: I was on holiday with my aunt, cousins, little girl, who was the daughter of some relative - I think maybe the secon cousin, definetly a female realative, I know that, who'd been born about two days before, but had the body and mind of what I think is a 4-5 year old, and Mum in this kind near a beach, it was really sunny, but not too sunny. There were lots of blueish, greyish, purplish roads - a bit like the colour of the scroll bar now I come to think of it- all the bricks fairly new and smooth. Along each side were very green bushes and there was lots of sand on the floor. We were walking along one of the paths when we came to this grassy place to stop, a kind of ditch off the side of the path. My auntie and mum then told us they'd decided we were all going to the hair dressers, like with the attitude we were being boring and they needed some excitement, especially my auntie. She said I was getting a perm - I wasn't really thrilled at the though of getting one, though I felt I should be happy because they were doing this for me, but really didn't thinka perm would suit me. She then said My two cousins - Mae, 11, Rose 9 - would be getting their hair coloured, and they really didn't seem to keen on the idea - they seemed scared, like they'd never heard of 'getting your hair colored', and Mae asked in unsettled fashion,what colours my auntie was thinking of, who said pastel. She then told the girl, that she'd have her hair bleached.

    Through out the dream, as with the egg dream, I'd had that same sense of being a mother, but not natural mother to the girl, like she was mine and we had this kind of...'connection' but there was something that blocked it - not being naturaly related very closley, and I semmed to handle her very well in the dream, Though I don't usualy have so much patience with children in real life. I'd also noticed her hair alot in the dream, it was a blonde bob, similar to one I'd had when I was about her age, but it was much neater, and fairer. But now when i looked at her hair I relaised it was actually very messy, and the colours were all wrong, one side was a bluish yellow and the other was a very dirty blone, the blueish side was now longer than the other and she had a side parting now.

    She really didn't take the news of having her hair changed well, she screamed and cried, and then started running round and rolling on the floor, in a similar way to the bird when it'd hatched. She was asking what 'bleaching was', I tried to explain to her, and tell her what it was, trying to pick her up and comfort her, but then my mum came over and said that'd it'd be better just to leave her to her own devices.

    The thing I'm most curious about is the similar themes in the dreams. i never normally have two dreams focusing on similar things, unless they're practically the same.

    The coulour scheme: light grey blue, with a little yellow and green in the second, the hair, I always seemed to notice someones hair - really focus on it, and then how I felt - the kind mother / offspring connection, like I was taking on one of my own, which wasn't naturally mine, and was sad that the original mother didn't mind giving me the child, but I was happy to be bringing one up, like there was this motherly owner ship I felt over them.

    Any insight'd be greatly appriciated.

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