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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Squilla, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Squilla

    Squilla Banned

    I just received a few hits of LSD in which I would wish to save until the weekend. I did one time store some really good acid ina freezer after I wrapped it rapididly with infoil and surran* wrap for three weeks. The day I took the acid there were absolutely no side effects. I am curious if these are the proper techniques, and of course 4 days is different than 21 days.
  2. Alaxsxa

    Alaxsxa Member

    Yes that is one of the best methods for long-term storage. Really as long as it is covered and left in room temperature it should be fine for a few weeks or months with very little degradation.
  3. ShadyGrove

    ShadyGrove Member

    That's right. My recommendation is wrapping loosely in tin foil and placing in a dark spot at room temperature. NO HEAT, NO LIGHT, NO CONTACT, NO PROBLEMS. Your set bro, have a nice time.
  4. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    You can send them to me, and I'll store them in my mouth for free of charge...
  5. aliced

    aliced Dude Guy

    thats what she said
  6. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    ooooooooooh haha
  7. .trippin..

    .trippin.. Member

  8. Squilla

    Squilla Banned

    lol, that was pretty funny, but back the subject. You say loosely in tin foil? I didn't wrap it tight but tight enough not to let the air in. Is that bad?
  9. nah youll be fine probably.
  10. Squilla

    Squilla Banned

    sweet, I'll post the results on saturday! haha, i just got a bunch of old world war 1 and world war 2 documentaries, my friends and I are gonna watch The Battle of Russia! Ah ha! Its gonna be dope, I hope, given the situation of my acid :eek:

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