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    To provide land for individuals, families, and travelers to learn, teach, and experiment in a variety of sustainable and self sufficient living skills.

    To be a place where those that want to help others can themselves prosper through profit share, in a community that provides a more wholesome and earth friendly alternative lifestyle.

    To assist and encourage the application of these skills and ideas in our surrounding communities, and amongst our neighbors.

    To establish a network of these (similar/ like-minded) communities across the country and beyond, which function as way-stations for travelers, as well as hubs of learning and empowerment for a sustainable future.

    To be fun, but family friendly, while adhering to a positive work ethic that acknowledges the value of our neighbors, and our community as a whole.

    To be as inclusive, fair, and efficient as possible while keeping a productive pace. To hold ourselves to a high standard therefore setting a good example.

    the place is called the Garden anyone is welcome anytime and we are having a solar eclipse viewing party and potluck on the 21st.
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    I'm trying to get into contact with someone from this community. Please reach out at 479 287 1442 or Thanks so much!

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