of paradise and power

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Megara, May 9, 2004.

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    by robert kagan...anyone read this? It's an interesting look at why America and "europe" have the foreign policy that they do...definitely worth the read and its short
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    Hmmm.....in the minute I put it in my book list. Thank you for tip.
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    I read that book a couple of years ago. Interesting points of views, but they're more ideological than scientific based.

    According to Kagan, Europe (Kagan like to describe states like if they were human actors - failure #1 - no not just states, but continents - failure #2) haven't yet realised that the global order is anarchic.
    In difference to Europe, "who" is blinded because of its idealistic perspective, "America" has realized that the global order is a hobbesian, anarchic order.

    Therefore Kagan legitimize american global leadership on the basis of the argument, that only America is raised above this hobbesian hell.

    Failure #3: But isn't that just another kind of idealism? USA declare legitimization of its leadership on the basis of the reason that Europe blindly believe in idealism.

    USA declare themselves the saviors of the world. The ones who save the rest from ideological thinking.

    Kagan do all he can to avoid the obvious question: why doesn't that make America ideological itself?


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