Ode to My Wife (Hallmark)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by PoemBased, May 18, 2007.

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    I myself am single and unmarried, but I wrote this when I was locked up. I got a lot of drakes cakes and Snicker bars for it though, and after I got out my boy asked me to write a poem for his wife from him on their first ann. so I gave him this... wanted to share, it's your typical Hallmark card type shyza but it worked

    I remember the moment I said "I do,"​
    For it was in that moment that all of my dreams came true;​
    And in that moment I cried deep inside,​
    Fearing that I didn't deserve her as my bride,​
    And to this day I still fail to see​
    How the love of an Angel could be given to me.​
    My heart was a treasure with her as its thief;​
    And the sky seems more beautiful as she walk underneath.​
    Whenever I needed she was there at my side,​
    Forever the source of my strength and my pride.​
    Even in the worst she looks to the best,​
    Yet another part that sets her apart from the rest.​
    What I value above all, even diamonds and gold​
    Is my future with her as we together grow old.​
    It's my marriage alone that gives point to my life.​
    For there's no force more powerful​
    Then my love for my wife.​
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    Cool poem :)
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    the strength in this poem comes from its opposites

    you portray life as fundamentally grim, with love as the element that, though it doesn't quite tip the balance, keeps you from falling the wrong way off the fence you walk on

    I dig

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