Occupy Supports Justice For Trayvon

Discussion in 'Occupy Movement' started by Aerianne, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Aerianne

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  2. Aerianne

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  3. StpLSD25

    StpLSD25 Senior Member

    Good! I'm glad people realize this verdict was racist and wrong!
  4. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    because things like "evidence" and "trial by jury" shouldn't matter, it's what the media says happened, and the emotions of an angry, ignorant mob that count!
  5. StpLSD25

    StpLSD25 Senior Member

    Evidence does matter. That's why things like 911 in which Zimmerman is following this unarmed 17 year old kid should be taken into account. I am a responsible gun owner and I know better than to react this way! HE essentially called the law on zthis kid because he was black and "walking in the rain" stared him down, chased him, started (what was probably a mutual fight, and when he started to lose, shot the kid.) I think it's obvious by Zimmermans lack of emotion that he is a sociopath while racists like you claim he was "Afraid for his life;" you're afraid for your life when your competitor has a weapon IE a bat, knife, gun etc. Trayvon had nothing. I've been jumped and had my leg broke, but if I shot an unarmed puerto rican in NY, there's no way that would allow you to claim self defense, because that's overly excessive use of force. Especially coming from a "neighborhood watch" who was known to call 911 on random innocent black people. This was harrassment and racism on Zimmermans part to assume this 17 year old was "on drugs" only because he was black, furthermore he should've been more sensible than to chase this unarmed kid and proceed to fight with him knowing he had a gun and intentions to use it. Frankly, it's not just what the media says. People like you disguise racism in your glorification of racially pursued murders. Would you support the same situation if it was a white guy and black guy fighting, the black guy was loosing, so he pulls out a gun, busts a few caps and just claims "he was afraid for his life"

    Zimmerman has exposed himself for what he is time a time again- a no good snitch ass wanna be police officer pussy!!
  6. chadcr01

    chadcr01 Senior Member

    ^ I can't help but agree.

    If he was that concerned about a kid walking through his neighborhood with his hood up, call 911 and then let them handle it...

    Don't call 911 and then immediately go play Johnny Law and try to handle the shit on your own. Especially when you've already made up your mind that the person is doing something "suspicious"...
  7. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    Let me break this down.

    Zimmerman's testimony is that he left his vehicle to give the police dispatcher the name of the nearest street and to determine where TM had gone, and that after the completion of this call, he was returning to his vehicle when he was attacked by TM.

    The only evidence that contradicts GZ's testimony is the testimony of Rachael Jeantel, who was proven to have lied about her age, and also to have lied under oath about her testimony. In other words, her testimony is unreliable.

    GZ passed a lie detector test, and all of the other evidence either supports or fails to contradict his claims.

    Even if you want to argue that he was following TM, it is not a crime. It may be a bad idea, but it is not illegal.

    You have absolutely zero evidence for this. The recording of his conversation with police clearly indicates that said nothing about TM's race until he was asked. The false impression that GZ racially profiled TM is largely the product of the media, in particular, that NBC produced an edited, falsified tape of the call to police

    Zimmerman describes TM as behaving erratically, and notes that there had been a number of crimes committed in his neighborhood recently. Calling the police because you think that someone is behaving suspiciously is neither illegal nor immoral.

    You have zero evidence.

    You have no evidence for this except the testimony of Rachael Jeantel, who is unreliable because she was proven to have lied under oath.

    You have zero evidence.

    Again, you have no evidence. You are speculating from your observations.

    Fuck you. This bullshit is typical, you don't have any evidence, so you resort personal attacks. Because GZ is half white, you feel entitled to convict him without evidence. You bitch about racism, and yet you are the one who has engaged in "racial profiling", which I guess is ok as long as the discrimination is against someone who you identify as white...

    GZ passed a lie detector about that

    All of the physical evidence, the testimony of the forensic pathologist, and all of the reliable witness testimony (i.e., minus Rachael Jeantel), not to mention GZ's videotaped reconstruction of events, indicates that TM had been pounding GZ's head into the pavement. One can die from having their head pounded into the pavement. In other words, TM was in fact assaulting GZ with a deadly weapon at the time GZ shot him.

    I'm more sympathetic to the claim of excessive force, even though he was being assaulted with a deadly weapon. Maybe GZ could have shot him in the leg. I don't think that you could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ used excessive force, and the prosecutors never charged him with excessive force.

    Evidence? From wikipedia:
    TM was in fact intoxicated with illegal drugs according to his toxicology report. It was only a low level of THC, but Zimmerman's assumption was correct.

    I already mentioned that you have no evidence and are full of shit. There is no evidence that GZ racially profiled TM. That doesn't mean that he didn't, but that there was no proof. Similarly, there was no proof that TM was committing or intending to commit a crime (except that GZ described his behavior as suspicious), but that doesn't mean that he wasn't.

    There is no evidence that he followed him other than briefly to establish the direction in which he was traveling and the nearest street. Again, he wouldn't have been committing a crime if he did follow him.

    No evidence.

    Yes. It's also what people who listen to the media uncritically, have no evidence, and don't know shit say too.

    This is bullshit. You don't have evidence to support your position, so you resort to accusations of racism.
    Please quote me where I glorified the shooting of TM. If you can't, then shut up.

    Under identical circumstances, except that GZ was black and TM was white, I would reach the same conclusions.
  8. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    Wow, we actually agree upon something.
  9. roamy

    roamy Senior Member

  10. Aerianne

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    This thread is for Occupy News; not personal opinions on the unfortunate incident.
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