Obscure Cable TV Trivia

Discussion in 'TV' started by osiris, May 10, 2004.

  1. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    You TV nerds might get this quick, so i'm going to be sparing with this first clue:

    Comedy Central was the Comedy Channel

    The Satelite of Love

    i'm not sure anyone but me watched this show...

    much love :)
  2. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    hm... another clue then:

    mad scientists.

    much love :)
  3. Aditi

    Aditi Member

    was it that show where they would sit in the theater watching old movies???
  4. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    yeah is it that one or love line or whatever that show was called?
  5. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    aditi- you are on the right track... but for you to win the grand prize of... well... the grand prize... which is.... er, well, you can say you won... you have to tell me the name...

    so there is the third clue. they watched old movies.... b-movies that really sucked, and they made fun of them...

    any one know the name?

    i am a big dork, i guess, but i loved that show, cuz that is exactly what me and my dad would do, sit up and make fun of stupid movies on cable... lol.

    much love :)
  6. Aditi

    Aditi Member

    i loved that show too! so funny. i can't remember the name though. i mean it's right there, but i can't get it. oh well.
    i definitely qualify as a tv nerd/junky. i am quitting today. my life depends on it ;)
    love to ya
  7. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    it is called "mystery science theatre 3000"
  8. osiris

    osiris Senior Member


    daysye is the winner!

    but aditi also wins, the prize...

    ...my gratitude for not being the only dork who loved that show!

    well, i liked the original series with Joel... the other guy that came later... he just wasn't funny. he was too bright. but joel always looked so damned stoned!

    much love :)
  9. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    yeah it was a good show....i remember seeing it on a while back on the sci-fi channel...but i could not tell you whether or not it is still on there....and us tv dorks have to stick together
  10. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    There is this one line that i remember from Mystery science, I used it all the time... i cant remember which one said it though but it was great....

    "You think you're hot snot on a golden platter, but all you are is a cold stale booger on a paper plate"

    HAHAHAHA that made me laugh forever, it still brings a tear to my eye....
  11. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    omg! i so remember someone saying that.....i am so glad that you are back trish...i have missed you..
  12. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    shit, my dad used to use that line on me when i was a kiddy kid. oldie but goodie.

    these were some more of his favorites:

    "you couldn't whoop tom thumb with a sledge hammer."

    "Does your face hurt?"
    "Well, it's killing me."

    and my grandpa, mean old drunk that he was, had the best ones for when he sent you to look for something and you couldn't find it:

    "you couldn't find your ass with a handful of fishhooks."

    and my all time favorite:

    "if you had it up your ass you would know where it was at!"

    lol. don't get the wrong idea though. quite the loving family we are, we are.

    much love :)
  13. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    hehehe ...
    I just remembered it from Mystery Science and just thought it was so funny, if I would have heard it from someone in person, that would have been even better especially if it was my dad, that would have been such a classic moment.

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