Obatala or Elegua?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by norahstar, May 27, 2004.

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    Has old crone or anybody heard of these african dieties? I need to invoke them and appeal to them (elegua first) in order to cast a mental health and sobriety spell for my friend. I would like to know a little more about them before Sunday when I will invoke them. I've looked and have been unable to find any information on them . . .

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    Whose path and choices to draw the lessons needed is it.????

    Hi Norahstar

    Boy, I know how that feels. Wanting to do almost anything to save someone from themselves. But What right do we have, or what right is given to us to make someone change their choices because we deem it best for them? Just a thought

    Now to your question;

    If you get a chance read Emissary of the Light by James F. Twyman

    Often these groups, or sect of believers in a certian path, or way remain exclusive, and apart from the world at large as we know it. They do their work in secret understanding the layers of reality are often illusion. The Obatala Elegue would be the first to tell you without invitation, and sometimes with one, you are best served in purpose, and intent by being true to you own path, heart, and soul. This is a personal choices of awareness, and the depth you choose. Each one has the right, and responsability to choose for themselves. Casting a spell is for your own desires, and ego to act out your will, and power on another.

    So in a nut shell the Obatala Elegue is a path, where a sect of believers to this day remain set apart, are hidden, and exclusive. Their basic belief is in the layers of existance that propell us to the highest awareness and god self. They are as one body. They work in spirit. little is know of their rituals as this is said to add to their power.
  3. norahstar

    norahstar Banned

    thank you very much for the content of your reply.


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