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    Just wondering if anyone else attends the NY State Faerie Festival. Its held in Ouaquaga, NY. Will begin in June. I went to this last year and enjoyed myself. It is a festival similar to a Renaissance fair. Everyone is dressed in fairy princess outfits, a long with Ogars, Elves, mermaids, knights and more They have plays, music, jousting, food, etc. Does anyone else know of good festivals that are fun to attend, Ones that are not your typical state fair and carnivals? Such as Gemstone Festivals, Psychic Festivals, or Masquerade Balls (that would be fun to attend.)
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  2. I used to attend music festivals, but I've never been to a renaissance fair. Sounds fun! :)
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    They are its something different... which is a good thing.
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    Check out your kingdom...Kingdoms go by the area you live in in the US. they have events all year.
    Society of Creative Anachronism
    here is their home page link....

    It is intense...and all to be taken seriously.... :D

    I went to one of their 4 day fairs one year held in the farthest part of western PA, as friends of mine asked me to go at the last minute........I was not prepared. There i was in white pants and tee's the entire time...but it was fun.....they pitch some elaborate tents....and you live in tents with no modern conveniences....

    When I went, someone I met there and had a crush on threw his sword in the lake there mimicking Sir Lancelot......a friend of mine grabbed him though,(needless to say, I was never her friend again....trifling with the person i wzas talking to....when there were 500 other men she could have talked to). after I found him or yeah, he had found me....lol......and wrapped her legs around him......and that was that for me! :D I never could do that, so I left.....(He did look for me at the end and asked me for a kiss....lol)I was always old school. You want me...you chase me.... ;)

    If you go to one of these, you will be sure to have fun and a lifetime memory....

    I did not recognize that New York town, Ouaquaga, so I looked it up...Broome County...I know it well.


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