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Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by NatureDude, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. NatureDude

    NatureDude Member

    It's hard for a city folk like myself to practice nudism/naturism because of neighbours, closing blinds (to avoid trouble), frequent visitors and frequent going out the door. Therefore I find it easier to not bother at all much with being a nudist. I still sleep nude though and attend nude events (if possible). Is anyone else in a similar position. Its winter where I am now but theoretically that wouldn't stop me from being a nudist.
  2. Renovatu

    Renovatu Member

    Yeah, I experience a little bit of that although I don't live in the city. There's no way I could walk around freely in my backyard in broad daylight without someone noticing and thereby being disgusted/horrified by my nakedness. And I don't think my parents would be very accepting of my nudism either if I told them about it. I can only really walk around naked at home when they're not around. I guess we both should just enjoy nudism as much as possible whenever the opportunity arises.
  3. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Renovatu, nudism is an idea, a philosophy of life. I hope your parents would let you think your own thoughts, even if it disagrees with some of what they believe.

    I am not in this to freak out my neighbors. I used to be nude only on a cot in a small portion of the back yard, then I put up more and more fencing and I can wander most of it now.
    When I lived with my parents, naked time was when I went camping or hiking and came across some water deep enough. Even my parents would go skinny dipping at night on trips to the lake. My first time skinny dipping with a girl was at night, but later on as we got to know each other better, it was not such a big deal and we swam nude by daylight.
    Nudist social groups are great. One local club likes to ride rafts down rivers without clothes on. They pick secluded stretches of the river to avoid making people angry. (of course in my opinion people choose to be angry at the human body, the body cannot actually "make" people angry).
  4. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    I wish that there were a few parks where nudism was OK.
  5. freecospirit

    freecospirit Member

    That is a common sentiment, we generally speaking don't want absolute freedom to be nude everywhere and most of us don't live near a nude beach and often do not wish to join a club. There is no reason why nudity should not be allowed in many more designated areas, at certain times in public swimming pools and most of the time just accepted in saunas and spas. I'm not advocating mandatory nudity anywhere but we should have the option in many more places.
  6. noodist_jen

    noodist_jen Member

    I wouldn't mind the absolute freedom to be nude everywhere. But I would accept more designated areas as a start.
  7. freecospirit

    freecospirit Member

    I understand your viewpoint but the big issue here is the matter of public acceptance. Sadly in the UK and probably in the US there seems to be a hardening of attitudes. While arrests and prosecutions are rare the overwhelming majority of the population simply does not understand what makes naturists tick. Even if they suddenly made it legal to clothes free, in theory all UK beaches are CO, but who is brave enough to bare all among a hostile see of textiles. Even in Denmark which probably the most naturist friendly laws in the world you rarely see nudists outside a few traditional areas.
  8. NatureDude and Renovatu - As GardenGuy stated. Nudism/Naturalism is a mental state of being. It is about accepting the human body for all that is worth and to never pass judgment over what a person looks like. Nudism allows us to strip away all labels and remove our clothly armor that shields us from judgment. It is great that you both wish to enjoy the freedom of living with out clothes. And as Renovatu suggested, you need to enjoy it when ever you can. In regards to "coming" out to your parents, partners, spouse, friends, and family. There are always going to be "battles" to wage, and only you will know best if it is a battle you can chose to win and if it is worth fighting. However, I have found that most people are for the most part open minded and they themselves house an idea of being able to just be naked. As long as you approach the idea with whomever that you are not doing it to be sexual, and that you are doing it as a form of expression you will find most people as being accepting of your want to be nude.
  9. NatureDude

    NatureDude Member

    while its still winter where I am I might brave the cold at the nudist beach. At about 15 C.

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