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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by vcr, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. vcr

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    And it is the briefest moments of time it takes for "Now You Don't. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to still have 2 eyes tonight, as last night on the way to the emergency room it was very much in question. You know those plastic mats that are used in carpeted offices, behind desks, to allow the free rolling of the desk chair? Well last night I was throwing one away, and of course it didn't fit in the can so I folded it in half and it broke,(I wonder why I didn't notice at that point the brittleness of this material), I folded the two pieces the other way and broke them, then put it in the can, it didn't quite fit. Then in a momentary fit of complete stupidity, I grabbed my 5lb. hand sledge hammer, reached into the can and smacked it, it shattered, one of the resulting high velocity shards trajectories brought it into the same space my right eye was occupying, faster than my eyelid could react, so that it struck the surface of my eyeball just inside the iris. I immediately put my hand over my eye thinking "that was incredably stupid, bright boy", it took all of about 3 seconds before I noticed there was warm fluid running down my cheek, I looked at my hand with my left eye, and had to fight both nausea and panic when I saw the fluid was red, when I opened my right eye I realized the red hazed, weirdly blue, misshapen, blur of an image may be the last thing that eye would ever see. My ability to maintain a calm, reasoned, response set was further hindered when I turned to face Sandy a friend of mine, asking if I was okay and she shrieked, and paled visibly. I only opened it once again at the sink to flush it with water, before putting a cold pack on it and heading for the ER. I was very lucky, a piece of the plastic had made a 1 mm. laceration in the conjunctiva.
    The conjunctiva is the thin, transparent tissue that covers the outer surface of the eye. It begins at the outer edge of the cornea, covering the visible part of the sclera, and lining the inside of the eyelids. It is nourished by tiny blood vessels that are nearly invisible to the naked eye.
    I don't know how I am sitting here now with nearly the same vision acuity as I had yesterday prior to the "stupidity event" of the year, but I am amazed once again at the restorative powers of the body.
    Be careful of your vision folks, I know it is extremely unlikely that I will hammer on anything in life again, without wearing safety glasses.
    Now you see it, remember in less than a second it can become, Now you don't, forever.
    Take care all
    sine cera
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    I'm glad you still got your eyesight! :)

    My bf hit me in the face on accident when I was tickling him and he hit me right in my eyebrow piercing..I was scared he did some real damage but it was just a bit of blood...I got so scared >_<

    Aren't we lucky? :tongue:

    I'm happy you're okay.
    -Sincerely- ^_^
  3. NightRose

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    a few years back we had this kid in our yard and she was nosing around the garden. Next thing we knew she came in crying holding her eye saying something was in it. We could see this big black splinter inside the white bit (iris?)
    anyways we took her to the local doctors, they couldnt do anything then went to maybe two or three other hospitles before they fineally got it out. lucky there was no permanent damage.
  4. gib_0101

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    OUCH!!! That's gotta hurt.:stunned:

    Did you get any pictures? Post 'em!

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