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  1. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    I hear this all the time, that after you die, or when you die, you go into nothingness. Now think about this, nothing is having the property of of lacking everything, literally, the lack of everything in existance=nothing.
    Now how do you experience nothing? you don't because if you did, something would be there--you, making the nothing that once was, in void. None the less, nothing is a load of shit, a mere concept, a rather peity one at that. Anyone beg to differ?
  2. I totally understand, I've thought about this many times before, that was in fact one of my first deep thoughts when I was younger. I've come to the conclusion that we won't remember anything if we experience it anyway, just like before we were born. There is no way of knowing.. until we "experience" nothingness.
  3. Nothing is nothing until you discover it thereby making it something
  4. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    if you want to experience nothingness, eat some acid, or go into a deep meditation.
  5. hello

    hello ~*resonance*~

    nothingness is right here.
    if you think of yourself, and the cosmos, and the entire conceptual universe as SOMETHING
    then NOTHING is simply the opposite.
    it's the whole "equal and opposite reaction" thing.
    for existence, there is an equal and opposite lack of existence.
    yin-yang, etc.etc.etc.

    so you look at yourself in the mirror.
    what is looking at what?
    your physical form is looking at your physical form.
    then you look deep into your pupil, and that black hole gets bigger
    until it encompasses your entire field of sight.
    you are nothing. that nothingness is inside you.

    what we are experiencing as reality is simply the other side
    of the unexperienced/unmade/unthought un-reality.

    it's night and day, really. heads and tails.

    of course, outside of that, is the realm of non-duality.
    where there is no nothing and there is no something.
    there only IS
  6. livingwater

    livingwater Member

    Hi! Hello,

    U seem like you have read my awe-inspiring favorite book by Neale Donald Walsch entitiled-"Conversations With God-Book" There are 3 books I believe-1.2.3
    I understand what u mean and find it to make sense.Even though non-sense is not sense.., it still remains to Be...Something-lol
  7. kincajou

    kincajou Member

    think about it, when everyone on this earth dies, there will be nothing.
    when all existance dies, there will be nothing.
  8. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    I believe that after death there is nothing. nothing is a very strong concept, and shoudlnt be let off lgihtly. most people cannot begin to comprehend nothingness. well in reality, it is physicaly impossible to comprehend nothingness. we cannot imagine waht deaht will be like, it is impossible. however most people dont like teh idea of nothingness so they create religions *rolls eyes*

    you are cheating yourself if you beleive nothignness is a load of shit. especially if you expect to experience the nothigness that people talk about.

    nothingness is incredibly depressing thought, that doesnt make it less real and important a concept.
  9. FNA

    FNA Member

    It's not that hard to comprehend. You won't experience the nothing, because you will cease to exist. Your brain will shut down, you will see neither light nor dark, but you won't notice, becuase you won't notice anything.

    Like when you go to sleep. You don't notice it when it happens because your brain goes on standby, so to speak. Likewise, you won't notice when you die, and consequently won't notice anything again.

    That's nothing.
  10. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    I notice when i go to sleep. and i know when i'm sleeping. i just don't feel it as much. sleeping takes you to another world. a world of dreams...which is something. i dont think sleeping is a valid comparison in this point, but i know what you're getting at.

    i still go with what a poster above said, nothing is nothing, until you find it, and make it something. [​IMG]
  11. FNA

    FNA Member

    Well, I don't know about you, but I don't notice the instant I go to sleep. There is a period there where anything that is something doesn't register. All I'm saying is that is where I can comprehend a NOTHINGNESS. It's just a level (or two) deeper than sleep. Can't claim it's the same, and I don't know how well I explained it, but it shows you how the mind works on different levels. Death would just be an extreme level.....I don't know, I can't explain this in writing, I suck.
  12. i remember i used to have these conversations with my grandad when a was child, about nothingness still being something and such... myb its jsut beyond our capability of thinking... if you think what tiny creatures we really are.. the 'great' amount we think we as humans 'know'.. the 'size' of the universe...

    i had two spontanious mad experiences of 'nothingness' on different occasions, just being kissed by 2 different people... im not sure i would have remembered it tho if i didnt com back to 'here', so i dont kno if it contained anything.. ha.. it was like a blackout.. like everything was gone, vanished.. no sensation, thought concept, no feeling, no awareness.. as close to nothing as i can describe .. but then that still makes it something.. but prehaps im then after making it into a something in order to describe it ... it wasnt scary (obviously)... but it was v intresting... umm
  13. nothing is nothing, until you find it, and make it something. [​IMG][/QUOTE]

    Yea.. exactly!!~~ i didnt read that b4 i posted, but thats what i mean
  14. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

    Wise words
  15. Peppy

    Peppy Member

    you know when you zone out, and at some point you get poked by the person next to you because you were suposed to be doing some maths work, and you don't have any idea where you were, what you were thinking about but you know you were some where and noramly it was some where nice,

    yeah i realise this isn't really to do with nothingness sorry, i thaught it was but then writing i realised it is some where 'cause even though you can't remember it it has a nice feeling, but what if no one poked you, what if there wasn't a loud noise that brings you out of the trance, are you still there while you are there are is it only when you think back on being there that you actualy become a part of there?
  16. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    well when i say most cant comprehend the idea of nothingness, i mean comprehend the absoluteness of nothing. it is impossible to exprience nothingness. if you think youve expreienced it, YOU HAVNT! thats a fact. if you think you can imagine what nothignness is like, YOU CANT! thats a fact.

    the only time ive noticed when ive gone to sleep has been several times in my life, when ive shut my eyes, and after a second, i opened them and it was morning. those times were hte best sleep ive ever had, because i didnt feel groggy or anything, each time, i could jsut jump out of bed and feel as thought i never went to sleep (but not feel tired like i was that night), and i long for sleep like that, jsut to get in bed and fall asleep. alas, it is incredibly rare for me, and id assume most people. anyway this has nothing to do with nothingness. no one knows that their sleeping unless theyre ina dream, and a dream can never be equated to nothingess.

    if you have come to the conclusion the nothing ends up being somehting, then you have not understood waht nothing is, and have not comprehended it. the 'idea' of nothing is something, but nothingness is not something. nothiness is the lack of everything. its 0. its the only constant, jsut like 0 is the only true constant, for it cannot be manipulated in any way, and manipulates everyhting else in exactly teh same manner (everyhting multiplied by 0 = 0, and everyhitng to the power of 0 = 1, and (x+0)/x will always = 1 (thats a process to see the magnitude of change).

    now, if nothing was somehting, then none of those rules would apply (that is, replace all the 0's with 'y' y being any real number, and youll find none of them are true.

    maybe you think im making too much of a subjective link between nothiness and 0, but it all makes sense, some thigns though i cannot put into words and still make sense.
  17. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    and peppy, the onyl reason you cant remember waht happened is not because you turned off your mind, but because you didnt commit anything that was said to your short term memory. this gives the illusion that you turned off, but actually you jsut dont remember it.
  18. Peppy

    Peppy Member

    damn my short term memory it was faulty when i got it but now they won't take it back 'cause aparently it is all due to the ganja that i smoke. :mad:

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