Nothing has ever travelled at the speed of light especially light

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  1. VG's science is bullshit class 101

    The reduced form of Einsteins equation E=mc^2 has never been true

    The equation for kinetic energy of an object (for an object with rest mass m and velocity 0) has actually always looked like this

    Kinetic energy of an object with rest mass m and speed v is given by γmc2, where γ(gamma) is the Lorentz factor. When velocity =0 they say γ reduces to one.

    But, for anything else, y is given by this


    Thats the limit approaching c (c usually referred to as the speed of light, but it is really the upper limit speed of anything). Closer you get the "speed limit of everything" y approaches infinity. Which is why they say anything with mass needs an infinite amount of energy to get to the "speed of light"

    Now you google online, and just about everywhere will tell you the speed of light is exact at 299,792,458 metres per second

    Why? Becuase in 1983 a bunch of mainly Europeans decided it would just be easier, at the same time the defined the definition of a metre as the length light travels in a vaccum in 1/299,792,458 seconds. So the speed of light and length of a metre are inverses of themsleves. Even though the actual speed of light isnt 299,792,458.000000000000 metres per second

    The defintion of a second is defined as 9,192,631,770 times the peroid of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom at 0 degrees Kelvin.

    Currently the second has an error of around 3X10^-15
    Most accurate experiments thus far put the error of the speed of light near 1x10^-17

    Google online and many places will tell you the speed of light is calculated for Maxwells equation, which is dependant on the Gravitational; constant which has a standard uncertaintity in the order of 10^-11 (fairly shitty uncertainty)

    All the important equations, from Relativity to Black Holes, to how much the universe is expanding etc etc are all dependant on the value of c as well as the gravitational constant.

    They only know the limit to what the speed of light tends to, not the actual speed. And they have never known.

    In an expanding universe nothing has ever had a velocity of 0 relative to anything else either
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    Can't Argue With Any Of That......................Well...........I Could .......If I Had Somewhat Of A Bloody Clue As To What

    The Hell He's Talking About....... :D

    Cheers Glen.
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    Light does travel at the speed of light by definition
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  4. $5 billion to build the Large Hadron Collider, $1 billion a year to run it for 10 years.

    To find one thing someone had predicted anyway, and not find a whole bunch of other things that never existed because a bunch of guys were talking out of there ass
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    When I look up at a star and it twinkles at me. How long in the past did that light twinkle at the speed of light for it to get for my eyes to see it?

    I think I asked this somewhere else.

    Maybe....I didn't and my brains are crawling at the speed of a snail slithering along the edge of a straight razor.

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    Or Maybe......Just Maybe......You Are Just A Little Bit Drunk..... :D

    Cheers Glen.
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  7. Then try find out what that speed is to 17 decimal places, hell, even 1 decimal place. It will drive you nuts.
  8. Graph of the precision of the speed of light, or any "non mass" wave that travels the same speed over the last 140 years, the latest, pink,one was microwaves in 2015

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    Knowledge of existence and accuracy of existence are two different things. You can have complete confidence that something exists without knowing every detail within absolute accuracy. We know there is a maximum speed for the propagation of electromagnetic energy through space. We know this to be true regardless if our knowledge is accurate to a billion decimal places or a quadrillion decimal places.
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    And your point is?

  12. Thats really just saying we know what infinity is.

    It is important, very important if everything does come down to that tiny difference between how fast they travel vs that upper limit. It is the current best guess as to what gravity is
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    The only thing that travels faster than light is bad news.
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    I guess you're right. The instant a piano falls on your head is bad news.
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    the spirit can ...
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    An experiment that can be done with a microwave oven, a bar of chocolate, and a ruler to measure the speed of light.

    It's a low-tech version of the cavity resonators that physicists have used for measuring the speed of light.


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    If OP is under the age of 17 I’m seriously impressed.
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    Light speed and special relativity explain how muons, with a 1.5 microsecond lifespan, reach earth.

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    Maybe the real problem is that nothing really moves. It only collapses into materiality or physicality.

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