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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by MeatWagon499, May 24, 2006.

  1. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    I havent had a dream for as long as I can remember, anything I can do to help them come back? My dad told me he had a dream last night that he was trying to put an explosive device in a hole in some mine and some guy kept telling him to hurry and right when the fuse got all the way down to explode he woke up and ended up on the floor next to our bewildered dog lol. sounded tight but why cant I have them?
  2. that sucks i havent had a dream in a while either. i love dreams. :(
  3. ZenMunchy

    ZenMunchy Gracious In Defeat

    well You are defenetly haveing dreems. Every one has at least 10 a night. but its just the matter of remebering them. Try not smoking pot for a couple days (if you do). When you sleep your brain activity goes up but pot has the opeset affect. Also, keep a note book close to your bed and when you do remeber anything after waking up, write it down. This will strengthen your ability to remeber them,
    good luck
  4. Freekske

    Freekske Member

    I have periods that I don't remember my dreams, mostly when things are going good, and some periods that I remember almost all of dreams, that's when things aren't going that well. I like it that way, atleast it's not always the same.[​IMG]

    Don't worry eventually you'll remember some, never give up hope
  5. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    its probably the pot but i just cant go a day without it ><

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