Not feeling like myself after a panic attack

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Dragonvine, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Ok I didn't know where to post this xD Isn't quite altenative health and isn't quite paranoid xD Here goes, CAUTION, long post xD

    Ok so, most of my life I can remember having 'flutters' where I can't take a deep breath, then I yawn or something, get a deep breath and it goes.

    A few days ago, Thursday night, I had one of these flutters. It turned ugly, and lasted for 4/5 hours. My chest and throat started to ache and get tight. The second time I rang NHS Direct, they called the paramedics, who said it was a panic attack. Next day I saw my doctor, who gave me the choice whether to take citalopram. I start the meds tonight. Just to clarify, the panic attack was probably a delayed reaction to a very depressed monday, or alot of things from september onwards all mashed up together. Or, worrying about worrying about nothing :)

    So, the weekend was alright I guess, sorta felt a bit weird, but couldn't really describe it... Sorta, something wasn't right. Sunday night, got back to uni, burst into tears (I get very homesick at uni, ties in with alot of things from my past and my depression).

    Today, Monday, felt really weird. My mind was blank. I could see what I needed to do in the day, but only vaugely. But I couldn't think of what I needed to do that moment... Its really hard to explain. Just felt blank. Like it wasn't me. Something has changed. I almost forgot my keys this morning too, as I was on auto pilot.

    Since thursday, I have had trouble speaking, and I have noticed my motor skills have deteriorated slightly. I have always had a small trouble with my speech, but since thursday it has just completly gotten worse: my mind is moving faster than my mouth or my mouth is moving faster than my mind, or neither is moving at all. Its extremely difficult to talk when I have not planned what I am going to say: even then it is hard to get that out. My grammar and order of words has changed, and my texting and typing has gotten worse: like I'm going dyslexic. I know you're probably reading this thinking "She has no trouble typing at all!" I'm a perfectionist, and will correct untill nessecary (spelling?).

    Does anyone have any idea why I'm feeling such differences in myself after my panic attack on thursday?


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