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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by toastacidblocks, May 1, 2007.

  1. to me, e is great, but not really that appealing, in the sense that its a little Pill that you swallow and it gives you FAKE feelings or whater.... ive done it a bunch of times under different circumstances, while drinking, blazing, drinking/blazing, at parties, with friends, with other people drinking and just me doing it, other people doing it and not me.

    i like it for that fact that it makes you all loose and focuesed and everything, and thats pretty cool, but you kinda feel like a humanized computer...somewhat. zombie like maybe.... cool hullucinations as well.

    but the day after is just shitty im always drained, harddddcore. and when im on it at parties people are like... "are you chewing your teeth again" and stuff like that, its funny, but not cool. and you need to drink so much especailly if you smoke weed casue then the pasties is insane.

    it gives alot of self confidence and shit too... but... it just seems like a "DRUGGIE" drug if you know what i mean.

    its kinda like "Look at MEEE im PILLLLED up. Yay!!!" - in my "books" thats not "cool"

    idk i'll do it but its just not that cool to me, definitley acid over e, acid gives me the same feeling of confidence (somewhat) and happiness without the FAKENESS.

    anyone dig? or understand? or have anythign to say?....... just suck on the blottttter:D
  2. ElectronauT

    ElectronauT Member

    I digg, I understand... and that's all I have to say.[​IMG]
  3. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    I dont know, I am real cocky when i am on both. My buddies whom I party with always tell me that i am super ego when i am rolling or fryin. Its actualy pretty awsome when your friends think you are the coolest. But me being so modest when under the influence, I deny the fact. Lol. But when I am coming down, either on X or cid, I feel so lagged out like my body hasnt had time to catch up to itself. When i dance, I do it all night long and pretty much dont stop unless i happen to be giving Glow Jobs (light shows) on strings or in my hands. And I couldnt smoke weed, I hate the military. So I never could relax after a party. I quit all drugs for a long time and it kinda felt good for a while. I guess all anyone really needs is time off. Partying sober is fun also....and you save alot of money. Not to mention you feel good the next day after sleeping.
  4. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    my theory is, if i am being a cocky bastard, i have taken too much. but i think i'm pretty good about humbling myself.

    i don't see it as "fake", it's just radically different, and it actually has helped me to be more tolerant of people who are waaaay outside the social norm, or just living in a seperate paradigm from me. i can imagine being where they are a little better. and it taught me to give in to the moment and just not care what i looked like or how i behave as long as i don't hurt anyone. i wouldn't want someone who'd never been on ecstasy to see me, because they wouldn't understand and would interpret it differently. but i wouldn't want anyone who didn't really understand salvia to see me on salvia either... or anyone who'd never experienced any serious loss to try to comfort me if i were really sad... it applies to everything...

    it can be a druggie drug if you take too much... i don't feel drained and shitty the next day unless i took too much and didn't take care of myself...

  5. beautifulhippie2

    beautifulhippie2 TyeDyeChicka!


    Never tried it and never will!
  6. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    E is a fake hedonistic drug...having the worst day a bean....whole family die in a plane crash? a bean...loose your job? a beans, it will only make you feel better...

    see where im goin with cant have bad MDMA trip, ever, its not possible, you can gobble so many of those things like skittles and its just better and better with each dose...chews your brain like gum love everyone when your high....hate the world when you crash and your brain sizzles....E sucks...

    but man oh man is it fun...haha
  7. l-foote

    l-foote L not i.

    you can have a bad MDMA trip, thats bullshit.
    though I've never had one.

    I saw this one girl at a dance, only had 1 pill, she was freaking out. SHe was in the bathroom shaking, freaking at anyone who would come hear her, she couldn't talk right, drooling a little.

    but she was one of the chicks who does E to get fucked up and party, instead of an elightening experience.

    i've heard of lots of people who had real bad E trips tho
  8. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    I love E too.

    I dont take more than one pill- so my crash is never really bad the next day. I feel a little groggy and drained in the morning but it gets better as the day goes on.

    I dont think E feels "fake" at all. To me, it doesnt feel any more fake than LSD, which is also a chemical trip. I dont really do it much anymore- once every couple months when a friend has some nice pure MDMA rolls. I took it a couple times a week last summer though, and yeah it sucks in excess. But yeah its a cool drug- considering you dont take too much, in moderation its much better.
  9. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    you can have really shitty experiences... i have. chemical happy doesn't equal soul happy. it doesn't get better and better the more you take, for me, it can get worse and worse. it doesn't make problems go away. and it doesn't destroy your brain if you know what you're doing. i don't love everyone at a surface level, in an overly-trusting naive way, but at a basic human level... and never regret expressing it afterwards... and never feel bad or hate the world the next day.

    if you don't treat e with worlds of respect it will hurt you. i don't see why anyone of any size or experience should have to take more than one pill, unless the pills are really shitty. and then, maybe you shouldn't be taking any...
  10. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Then she shouldnt be doing drugs period...ive never met anyone whos had a bad mdma experience...she obv has problems that go far beyond and deeper then the can eat 1o in one gobble and itll be the best time of your life...

    either that or there was something in the rolls as a filler...ketamine maybe? I had rolls with the active ingredients in roofies once...

    your never gonna be able to convince me that you can have a bad roll unless you seize up or something, but emotionally your always going to be happy and euphoric...have you eaten alot of E? pr are you just speaking from what youve heard?

    Thats just fucked up to me idunno, i guess everyone is different, but it seems to me that the type of people to tweak on E are the types to tweak smoking weed as well...the types that shouldnt do drugs period

    How is E an enlightening experience...LSD is an enlightening cant even remember half of the time spent rolling once you crash...and the time you can remember your tongue is rolling out the side of your mouth and your hugging everyone insite because your "so in love with the everbody"...enlightening....i think not
  11. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    ive seen alot of people fuck their lives up with MDMA, and i know douchebags that roll all the time...when they roll, they are beautiful souls...and when they crash, they are the same old douchebag they always have been...its really hard for me to see MDMA in a positive light...i fucked myself up with that shit big time. All i know is that when im high on the stuff, nothing can go wrong...and that doesnt seem that enlightening to me

    The difference between LSD and MDMA, is that MDMA you just love with no love because your brain is flooded with serotonin and its a totally artificial love, you dont ask yourself why you love, or care, or accepting people that you would normally shun, you dont sit and ponder philospically because you cant remember the conversation you just had 5 minutes ago for christs sake...LSD you love, but you ponder why, you ask questions, questions you want awnsered...its unadulterated love thats only shown to you in the form of colors, lights and images so you can see it and think about it...your serotonin levels are normal...LSD just puts its at a different perspective so you can see it clearly in a new light...THAT is enlightenment IMO
  12. Thats exactly what i was going for, or trying to say...

    "Chemical happy isn't soul happy" "at a basic human level"

    thats how i feel too.
    I'm definitely not saying I don't like.

    i dont take it that much either so its gonna stay the way i like it.
  13. That second paragraph is so fucking true, amazing words man.

    MDMA can be enlightening on small levels of realisation, and thats it for me personnally. YOU LOVE IT FOR NO REASON. haahahahha
  14. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    Myke, I have taken excessive amounts of MDMA as a teenager, to a point where I was taking several a day (this was only for near 2 weeks) and once, only ONCE, I took 4 and didnt get a euphoric high, I got high, but I was depressed to the point of contemplating suicide. Never once before, or after, did the thought ever cross my mind again. You can most definitley have a bad time on E, to say otherwise is complete baffonery :)
  15. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    psychemyke... i think you just have been doing way too much... just from the way you describe it. not as an insult or anything, that's just what it seems like. out of curiosity, what's the least amount you've ever eaten at once, and how was it?

    one of my favorite monks and i were talking about psychedelics, and he said, you trip off of what's already in your mind. it's so true and you don't even realize it. i mean, if you believe with high doses you actually reach a seperate tangible dimension, that experience will be objective, but it still comes in through your own filter. but with ecstasy, if you've taken enough to get to that point, that's where you should probably be alone with a notebook and some toys because you won't know what you're doing if you're around people... but whatever. the point is, ..actually i scrolled up and reread everything and i lost the point. i'm gonna start over.

    if you can't remember what you did the next day or five minutes ago, if you can't control your teeth grinding and drooling and shit, if you're shakey, if all you can think about is how much you love everyone... you've taken too much. way too much. and if you take too much, mdma is not going to be nice to you.

    i have had one bad experience on ecstasy, and it was because i took too much. every other time i've taken it, i was in an environment and mindset where i would have had a good time without it. this time, i guess there were things under the surface that needed to be brough up and dealt with, and i took more ecstasy than i should have, when i didn't really want to. i don't want to totally describe what happened, but it was a long, long night. it was hell. i was with a person who was on an entirely different plane than i was, tripping off of what was in his mind, which didn't fit in with what was in mine, and we had to work through a whole list of things while struggling just to communicate. we were in such different paradigms that it was impossible to know for sure that what you were sending out was being recieved on the other end intact and as you intended it. i was crying hysterically for hours, and the whole time my body was vibrating with energy and i was ROLLING, waaaaay too hard. it was one of the worst nights i can remember.

    anyway. bad experience. it can happen, and it sucks when it does. but it usually doesn't, because, how i see it... mdma brings up hidden and suppressed problems, and you can look at them, and see them in a new light, and just dismiss them as ultimately unimportant, just part of the cosmic breathing in and out.

    it seems schizophrenic to me to wake up the next day, think about the things you thought about the night before, and disagree with yourself, write it all off as the effects of the drug, when it made perfect sense to you when you were thinking it. that sounds like the drunk who screams at their kids one night, and then in the morning makes them pancakes and pretends nothing happened. or someone who is madly in love, catches the love of their life with someone else, and then pretends to hate them and convinces themselves they never really loved the person anyway.

    i think one of the most important things we can do is see ourselves as a whole person, who is bound to change, and change drastically. if we can see the validity in all our seperate selves, and find a way to integrate the ones we ("we" being some undefineable constant ego/soul/observer/self) love and change the ones we don't, and accept that we can believe something with all our heart one day and switch to something that directly contradicts that belief the next day, and both can be equally valid, then we can more easily see that process in every human being. and then you can understand why you do basically love everyone. or at least, you can see that it's your choice, and you can CHOOSE to live in a reality where you basically love everyone. because, i think, every feeling or thought you've ever had is absolutely true, and travels infinitely into the universe, until you catch it and examine it and decide if it is a representation of yourself that you want to keep.
  16. ChopperPilot

    ChopperPilot Member

    ^ damn! That's deep! Thumbs up!
  17. ^^everything said there i have thought about.
  18. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    Lol, damn i like getting to the point where my body is vibrating. I dont ever worry about stuff like that. Fly me to the Moon i am High as fuck, w00t!
  19. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    But seriously, Prismatism is totally right.

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