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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Joshua Tree, Sep 22, 2020.

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    Covid Lockdown = I'm on SKY News

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill

    Covid Lockdown = NATIONAL - So imposing restrictions only on the North first didn't work - (No shit!) :
    So where does that leave me?
    I'm 60, so at Risk. - and Can't go out/mix
    I have an 86-year old Mother living alone (Vulnerable)
    I have two Grandchildren - that have to go to school (Not vulnerable) - and need picking up, which I (Vulnerable) do (as 'Mum and Dad' are 'Key; workers)
    So - is my bubble Me to Mum?, or Me to Grand children? (which I've been doing for Months now)
    (On the bright side, I am able to WFH, and can walk to my local shops others aren't so lucky)
    - Now if I was a Physio (or the like) working for a Premier league football Club -'d be different
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    Timeline: (allegedly)
    SAGE: (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) Take a circuit break
    Boris: No, it'll be okay
    Stammer: Take a circuit break
    Boris: No.- You are trying to make a Political point
    SAGE: Take a circuit break
    Boris: No, let's blame and ID the North as the problem
    SAGE: Have you seen National figures?
    Boris: Oh, ok - best have a lockdown
    Rishi: What about the Economy? - Christmas is coming?
    Boris: Oh, let's have a 1 Month Lockdown that'll suffice
    Rishi: Ok, I'll extend the furlough, but not the Shielding assistance
    Boris: Ok, we'll do that
    SAGE: There are difficult times ahead - Spring will be better
    Boris: It's ok we'll extend the lockdown on Dec 2nd until the 16th. Let people think it’s ok now., and re-impose on Jan 2nd.
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    Oh Wolfy All YOU posted is true.
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    Fuck sake
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    Well.It seems the Pandemic is over.
    Took a trip out this morning to Remember - with reverence and respect.
    And 90% of the people I saw - No Masks. - I guess I missed the memo ????
    (Maybe it's just the Northern song we sing?)
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    They are all wearing them in Bournemouth.

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    ... I guess we are a lot more rebellious 'up North'
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  11. Vladimir Illich

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    Or I could just say stupid !!!
  12. Mysteron

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    The natives are getting restless .

    What some Government politicians seem to forget is that we have been in restrictions since July and its beginning to take affect on peoples mental health up here with suicides and depression on the increase .Couple that with polices a growing number of people no longer believe in , then your bound to get public disquiet .
  13. Vladimir Illich

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    There are those of us (even here in the South) that have NEVER believed in the crap issued by the scumbag 'nasty party', but we do understand and appreciate that we ought to abide by the social distancing rules, wear masks and not gather in numbers greater than six. It would seem that 'Northerners' are unable to comprehend this most basic of rules !!!

    'Take off your masks': Four people arrested in Manchester after latest anti-lockdown march

    Yahoo Staff Writer
    Nov 9th 2020 10:08AM
    Four people have been arrested and dozens fined in Manchester after the latest anti-lockdown march in England.

    A crowd of 600 people gathered in Manchester city centre on Sunday for a protest that police called "irresponsible".

    At one point the large crowd chanted "Take off your masks".

    It was the latest anti-lockdown march over the weekend, following protests in Brighton and Liverpool.

    Home secretary Priti Patel has banned protests of more than two people as part of England's second lockdown.

    Greater Manchester Police said one group of protesters travelled by coach from Cumbria to attend the demonstration at Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday.

    A number of officers were injured, police said, with £200 fines issued to 24 protesters, while four people were arrested on suspicion of public order offences.

    Assistant Chief Constable Mabs Hussain said: "At the peak of the gathering, in excess of 600 people were in attendance.

    "I would like to use this opportunity to publicly condemn this gathering.

    "Both the organisers and attendees were irresponsible – increasing demand on police who are also responding to calls regarding serious incidents and people who are in immediate danger across Greater Manchester."

    He said that before and during the protest, officers tried to engage with the organisers and attendees to "explain the restrictions and encourage compliance", but this was ignored.

    "Inquiries have established that one group of attendees travelled to Greater Manchester from Cumbria via coach," he said.

    "The driver and the company they work for have both been reported to the relevant industry regulator.

    "Whilst responding to this gathering, a number of officers were injured.

    "This is unacceptable behaviour towards officers who were simply doing their job and protecting people.

    "Investigators will now work to identify those responsible and ensure they face justice."

    In Brighton, hundreds of people marched without masks along the seafront on Saturday, many holding anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine placards.

    In Liverpool, which is the centre of a Covid-19 mass testing pilot scheme, two people were arrested and three people were fined after an anti-lockdown protest on Saturday.

    Hundreds of people took off their masks to walk along the city's waterfront in protest at England's new lockdown, which Boris Johnson has insisted will end on 2 December.
  14. Mysteron

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    Vlad I appreciate your comments but unless you live up here you will not appreciate the mood of the people .We are really getting fed up .What you friends in the South can't comprehend and I am saying this with the utmost respect ,we have already been in constant harsher restrictions for the best part of the year and there is only so much people can take .With no end insight and policies that don't work or have no logic people will start to protest and this I beleive is only the beginning .Not saying I agree with it but I understand how the people feel .
  15. Mysteron

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    Yes rules is rules .Great examples below

    Mat Dickock without a face covering in chauffeur driven car


    Jeremy Corbin breaking the rule of six


    How can they expect people to abide by the rules when they break them themselves ?
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  16. Vladimir Illich

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    I've been in lock-down since the beginning of March - even before it became the official lock-down and the second lockdown that occurred last week, hasn't made much difference as I was and have been quarantined for the past nine months !!! so don't talk to me about harsh conditions, but yet I still wear a mask when visitors and trades people call on me.
  17. Candy Gal

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    I think I may have Southern charm.
    Just saying. Lol
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  18. Mysteron

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    You've no need to have a pop at me mate I obey the rules . But some politicians don't ,including the Labour leader that you supported , just sayin .

    Its not upto me to police those protestors including Piers Corbyn , Jeremy Corbyns brother also just sayin ;)

    Also your lockdown is self imposed . You don't have Police stopping you every other day .
  19. Mysteron

    Mysteron Members

    Coronavirus: Northern England 'worst hit' by pandemic

    The north has been hit harder than the rest of England during the coronavirus pandemic, "exacerbating" regional inequalities, according to a study.

    The Northern Health Science Alliance also found the mortality rate, even after factoring in deprivation, ages and ethnicity, was worst in the north.

    It said in the "Northern Powerhouse" area an extra 57.7 people per 100,000 population died between March and July.

    A renewal of efforts to tackle child poverty was among its recommendations.

    The report by the northern health partnership said 12.4 more people per 100,000 population died with Covid-19 in the area of the Northern Powerhouse from March to July than elsewhere in the country, with 57.7 more people per 100,000 dying of all causes.

    The Northern Powerhouse dates back to the 2010-15 coalition government which began an initiative to boost economic growth in the north of England, particularly in the "Core Cities" of Hull, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle.

    This study, led by scientists from the universities of Newcastle, Manchester, York and Liverpool, put a conservative estimate on the economic cost of the increased mortality in northern England at £6.86bn and estimated the impact on the region's mental health would cost about £5bn a year.

    'Devastating grip'
    The report said since the start of the pandemic adverse trends in poverty, education, employment and mental health for children and young people had worsened.

    It listed 12 recommendations to the government to "level-up" the country including:

    • More regional resources in the Northern Powerhouse region to boost the NHS Test and Trace system
    • Targeting vulnerable and deprived communities in the first phase of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout
    • Reducing child poverty by increasing child benefit, extending free childcare and free school meals and more investment in children's services
    "Our report highlights that we are not all in the pandemic together with the northern regions being hardest hit," said Clare Bambra, professor of Public Health at Newcastle University.

    "Health and wealth in the Northern Powerhouse lagged behind the rest of the country even before the [Covid-19] pandemic, and over the last year our significant regional inequalities have been exacerbated."

    Hannah Davies, from the Northern Health Science Alliance, said: "Health inequalities between the north and the rest of England have been growing for over a decade.

    "This report demonstrates the impact that has had on the productivity of the region and how it has led Covid-19 to take a devastating grip on the north."

    A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said it remained "determined to level up on health outcomes as well as opportunity" with its £30bn plan for jobs scheme for the UK as well as its £170m funding "to help families stay warm and well fed this winter" and increases in Universal Credit.

    "Throughout the pandemic we have worked hand-in-hand with local authorities and over £300m has already been allocated to local authorities in England to help them stop the spread of the virus in their communities," they said.
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    I saw that on the News Mysteron.
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