Northern MI?

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by mistkgarden922, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. spiritbefree

    spiritbefree Member

    Hey Northern Michigan peeps! I'll be moving to Indian River this fall, which is a half hour north of Gaylord. What places are good for live music around there? I'm pretty close to Petoskey and Cheboygan as well. Looking forward to meeting some fun laidback people like myself so if you're around that area send me a message, let's get together~!
  2. Topher D.

    Topher D. Senior Member

    Eh, best place to go for music is TC or downstate.. Farmfest in joburg is pretty sweet though.. I'll definitely be there. Google farmfest mi 2010 for details. As far as meeting cool people, you'll have to pm me your number or something and I can hit yaup when some field parties are goin down and you can come mingle.. Oh, I'm from Gaylord btw..
  3. BlueLightRain

    BlueLightRain Member

    Always looking to meet new kind folk, that goes for all of you! Hit me up at this E-mail Always looking for other psychenauts and ways to blow my mind. I'm very into the local music scene and heavy on the peace gatherings and antiwar demonstrations that seem to be losing popularity. Is everyone getting lazy or is that feeling of futility sinking in?
  4. carmann1234

    carmann1234 Member

    I am in boring ass Marquette all my life
  5. i was going to live in antrim. lived in petoskey for a month. vacationed in antrim for 60 years. on and off. feel free to quiz me or tell me about the area. am now in south FL but who knows where i may be next year...
  6. in the woods

    in the woods Member

    hi thers lots of cool folks that live up here the up is a great place to live
  7. mckarkies

    mckarkies Member

    Northern Michigan is the best place to wander with your thoughts trailing behind. I love Michigan summers! I always go to Higgins Lake every summer, went to the UP 2 years ago and camped in Sault St. Marie and Mackinaw. I would love to meet up with some people this summer and roam the North.
  8. in the woods

    in the woods Member

    hows it going im in marquette see ya in the woods
  9. in the woods

    in the woods Member

    yea its great liveing here in the up people pay to come and visit this speachel place its a lot of fun up here.
  10. mckarkies

    mckarkies Member

    I would like to go to Pictured Rocks and Isle Royale sometime in the next few years. I get all geeked over nature excursions.
  11. carmann1234

    carmann1234 Member

    Hello from marquette
  12. slappyman

    slappyman Member

    I lived in Michigan until about 10 years ago but my only visits to the UP were to Drummond Island which were pretty cool. Other then that, trips to Ludington for relatives and Charlevoix for concerts.
  13. Traverse City here!
  14. in the woods

    in the woods Member

    picture rocks is a very cool place but its only one spot out of many up here
  15. in the woods

    in the woods Member

    im in marquette
  16. dislexic

    dislexic Member

    Im down in Kzoo but I always make trips up north
  17. mckarkies

    mckarkies Member

    Michiganders need to unite this summmmmmer
  18. Mich Rocks I was born n raised in Livonia but lived about 6 years in indian river cheyboygan area still have family there love N MI beautiful place
  19. Dr..rob

    Dr..rob Guest in standish .. Anyone round this area?
  20. It’sJustMe

    It’sJustMe New Member

    Kingsley here. Halfway between TC and Cadillac

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