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Discussion in 'Gay Personals' started by Btownguy, May 5, 2013.

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    29 y/o Bi bttm, I live just outside of Rockford, il. I am 29 years old, five for eight, wm. 235 lbs, short brown hair, glasses, some body hair. Looking for a Vers. Or top for casual sex. I enjoy giving/receiving oral, reviving facials, bottoming, dirt talk. My favorite posistios are missionary and me on top. I tend to take the "femine" role in sex with men. I enjoy having my ear lobes sucked, neck kissed (No hickeys!) having my nipples played and sucked on, dirty talk, called names (sexy names, like whore and slut lol). I like the guy to take charge, push me to my knees, or pin my hands down while we fuck. I like the missionary pos. cause I enjoy looking up to someone as they slide in, wrapping my legs and arms around them as we fuck. I do not enjoy kissing on the lips, feet, or any bad nasty sex (bathroom stuff, blood, Etc.). I kinda went off on a tangent lol. If anyone wants to chat, we can talk and go from there. Hope to hear from people soon.
  2. teddyboi

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    u sound like fun but no replies yet. would be keen but am in nz so too far away! if you're in nz, be in touch, my bf and i would love to have a 3some with u ;)

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