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Discussion in 'Politics' started by fugedaboudit, Jan 27, 2005.

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    not to diss the whole state, but sometimes the laws & politics here piss me off a bit

    farmers are facing rough times, teachers are facing rough times, the 3 (?) electoral votes went to Bush... why? the gays were denied the right to get married... why? & now illegal cohabition fails to be repealed... [rolls eyes, shakes head, is digusted & slightly in disbelief] & to add to this crap, tonight on the news they had a story about wanting to change the law so that one couldn't legally drink until 8:00 in the morning of his or her 21st birthday - yeah that's gonna make the world of a difference [please note sarcasm] - something about reducing alcohol poisoning or whatever - it's not like changing the law by a few hours is gonna do much in a state were there's already a high percentage of underage drinking anyways... & not to badmouth the christians either, but i think the old-fashioned christian attitude / morals whatever has a bit to do with it - considering the state has a high percentage of "church goers" too... oh, & after all this, i don't think they have a right to wonder why young people leave (not that i ever really saw this as just a north dakota thing - i mean it's not that hard to believe that people at some point in their lives want to see more of the world, no matter where they are)

    just my little "vent" so to speak for tonight...
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    sounds kinda like where i live.

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