no stranger am I

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Pablo, May 13, 2004.

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    Would you for words, help me out?

    I'm not a stranger once we've said enough

    And my thoughts cannot be known

    I've seen you before

    I don’t know exactly who you are

    But I could paint a picture of you

    And no one would be the wiser

    I work on bridges that go into the sky

    I’m married to three women all of them are happy

    And I am actually the hat

    The man like object below me is my car

    You are hearing me through its loudspeaker

    If I made all the promises a friend makes

    But I did it in French

    And I understand you

    But you don’t speak French

    Am I a traitor or just a jerk

    If I break them?

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