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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by cadcruzer, Jan 24, 2005.

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    well im still waiting on my passport to show up shouldnt be much longer has already been 3 weeks have had nothin but headaches lookin for hotel rooms close to the center of things in my price range i would like to spend 60-80 a night an atleast have private bathroom an shower most ive seen that are cheap have shared toilets any help would be appreciated like actual names of good hotels btw hippiedave i looked up abba but there web site is kinda sour try booking room an it just went back to home page owell . would it be dumb of me to show up without res. an just look for a hotel in person? im thinkin thats the best for me wife is kinda freakin on it an she isnt even going lol, soon as my passport shows up im bookin 1st flight available most roooms i priced are for double occupancy kinda hard to get a price for 1 person
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    I always stay here its in liedisplen.with in your budget,clean,great staff and Rookies coffeeshop is next door.result


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    There are hundreds of hotels in Amsterdam to choose from.
    If your going this time of the year it's a piece of cake to just
    turn up and book, infact I would recommend it as it can sometimes
    work out cheaper. My very first trip there I spent an hour looking
    for a half decent hotel, asking for the room key and having a look,
    etc. Then Google search a review on that hotel, no problems......

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