No Pants Subway Ride of 2009

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Cherea, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

  2. CaptainLS

    CaptainLS Banned

    I've done that but I was alone
  3. broony

    broony Banned

    meatball sandwich
  4. Cavale

    Cavale Member

    I almost did that, but my boyfriend didn't want to pay for the metro tickets.
  5. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Oh my god...that guy at about a minute and a half...priceless.
  6. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    i don't think i coulda done it, way too fucking cold for all that shit, although i would probably smile a BUNCH at the people who did decide to freeze their asses off
  7. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    I could do it in the summer.

    I love underwear and wish it was an acceptable form of clothing.
  8. Cavale

    Cavale Member

    It is.

    As long as it's under your pants.
  9. CaptainLS

    CaptainLS Banned

    This one?
  10. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

  11. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic


    I knew you meant him :D
  12. Yummy Ukulele

    Yummy Ukulele Member

    I <3 Improv Everywhere. They've been doing that event for years now.
  13. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

  14. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    Im in.
  15. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    We should do their next event. :cheers2:
  16. daisymae

    daisymae I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy

    I notice it is very *fashion* tubbies in tighty whities...
  17. WeetzieBat

    WeetzieBat Member

    Looks like fun
  18. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    they're out there, just not on video
  19. prissbaby

    prissbaby creepy

    I love the dude at 1:55, haha :D

    it seems tooooo cold to be doing such a thing
  20. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    You know this is where you really know little kids think adults are lame. I mean I saw 3 different little kids and not one even took a second look. Its like yup another adult nut job in the world. :D

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