No more internet for me...

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Penny, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    ... at home! Yeah, I've just moved to a new house, and the phone isn't installed yet, so, I'm writing this from a cyber-cafe (full of 10 year old screaming kids eating junk food and playing violent video games!!!!), so, if I don't come as much these days, that is why. I think i'll have the internet back in about 2 weeks... maybe earlier if I'm lucky! And guess what: I'm getting a DSL connection! YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D
  2. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Congratulations :) I still try to persuade my father to get DSL, but I think I'll have to work a while until I'll get it ;)
  3. wolf_at_door

    wolf_at_door Senior Member

    Are you in New York?
  4. kier

    kier I R Baboon



    coolies, once you try dsl, you'll hate dial ups :) hope to see you back soon!!!
  5. borut16

    borut16 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I so agree with that, Kier.

    I hope to see you back soon as well. :)

    Are you in New Jersey (or something like that) already?

  6. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    I was actually kinda worried when I saw the "No more internet for me..." Hopefully, it'll be painless for you to get a DSL connection, so you can be on here often

    P.S. I love your website :)

  7. wolf_at_door

    wolf_at_door Senior Member

  8. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    No, I'm not in the U.S yet, I'll be moving there in August! I just moved to a new house 5 miles aways from the old one... lol I think I'll get the connection this week... but I don't wanna hope that too much! Here when they tell you tomorrow they come a week after! hehe :p

    Today I have more time, and the kids are in school, so it's not as stressing for me as last time to be here! :)

    Love to all
  9. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    I'm glad you do! :)

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