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    I am headed to Bonnaroo this next week, and we were informed that there will be no glass allowed, now I have to go find a good canned beer. I will be traveling thru Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. My question is, can anyone suggest a good beer or ale that comes in cans?
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    Surely they won't dig through everyone's car to see if they have bottles... they can probably be easily concealed...they also say no drugs, don't they??? Good luck..hehe....

    Like I said in Trish's post somewhere, all that stuff is just legal nonsense that they have to say so they won't be liable for anything. It's just technical crap. They don't really have the time or the patience to search 90,000 people coming through the gate. Just stick some in a duffel back by your should be safe. :)
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    There are a lot of great import beers which are sold in cans, particularly English ales like Bass, Tanner's Jack, Old Speckled Hen and Boddingtons Pub Ale.

    Guinness is also an easy-to-find beer which is sold in cans, though stouts aren't the best warm weather beers.

    If you are looking for an American beer which is not necessarily "good" but both drinkable and cheap, look into Ballantine XXX Ale. It's one of the most famous beers in American history, though is hard to find today. It's a very cheap beer, but is great for hot weather drinking.

    Of course Heineken is also sold in cans, which is better than nothing if you can't find anything better where you live.
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    rock on pressed_rat, glad to see a fellow rochesterian on here! you headed down to bonnaroo?
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    Yuengling comes in cans.

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