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    Indeed and its sick how many DO NOT CARE!!!!!

    Thank you Skip!!
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    There are also scam artists who use fake accounts... or scam photos and info from real accounts to try to trick you into "friending" them.... when you friend someone on facebook, not only do they get your personal info, they also get your entire list of friends to seek other people to scam.... these have always been males, they have always been people who are living or working in foreign countries, were either single or widowed at very young ages (men in their 40s and 50s) AND only wanted to contact me through facebook messenger... I told them to emai me to speak to me... that's MY firewall. If someone doesn't want to get to know me through email or longer than tweetish messages, they don't want to get to know me. FB messenger might as well be twitter. It doesn't support thoughtful longtime messenging. ONly way to use messenger is by staying live on facebook. Not in your spare time, and not with any kind of length, time investment or thought. Also, I was asked to leave FB to go to some other platform that required that I change my email of choice to gmail(my main email would be accessible, but secondary) and it was a video mail service I would have to pay for and had some kind of disturbing "remote access" feature that didn't sound kosher at all. Whenever I asked these "ghosts" to email me, NONE of them did. So these supposed people weren't sincere about getting to know me at all. It was about accessing my and others' information. I am not paranoid. I have an account. But I don't friend people at the drop of a hat. And I certainly don't answer their queries about "how can we tailor our ads to fit ads that you'd like to see more." I just check, I don't want to see that ad. Of course, I know ads pay for facebook or we'd have to pay a fee. But I'm not going to give them enough information to sell me more stuff! hahahahahaha. We just need to be careful..
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