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Discussion in 'Music' started by ashleypiccone23, May 14, 2004.

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    [size=+2]Smells Like Teen Spirit (5:01)
    An attack on the apathy of our own generation

    In Bloom (4:14)
    An attack on people who listen to certain music for the wrong reason.Imagine the macho, gun toting guy who sings alone to Nirvana, but has no clue what he's singing about.

    Come As You Are (3:38)
    A song full of contradictions on how we act versus how
    we think society thinks we should act.

    Breed (3:03)
    Growing up and being trapped by middle class america.

    Lithium (4:15)
    A first person narrative of a nervous breakdown, or an update of the Marxist description of religion as 'Opiate of the masses'.An ode to disconnection.

    Polly (2:54)
    Based on the actual kidnapping of a 14 year old girl and her torture.

    Territorial Pissings (2:22)
    Multi-themed song that attacks macho men.

    Drain You (3:44)
    A song about (plainly and simply) love. Highly medical theme.

    Lounge Act (2:36)
    A song about having a certain vision and being smothered by a relationship.

    Stay Away (3:31)
    An attack on any conformist clique.

    On A Plain (3:14)
    Many small lines of poetry having multi themes.

    Something in the way (3:51)
    - A song about Kurt's experiences living under a bridge when he was kicked out of home.

    Endless, Nameless (6:45)
    An experimental song created when one of the takes on Lithium went bad.[​IMG]

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    "an update of the Marxist description of religion as 'Opiate of the masses'"

    Hahahahahahaha! Kurt wasn't that smart. And, personally, I think much of that is bullshit. I doubt even he knew what the fuck he was trying to say at times.
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    Well maybe you're right, heroin has those effects, you don't know about what you're talking about, but i think Kurt wasn't a dumb sucker, well sometimes as everybody, but, i think he did knew what he said.

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