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Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by gundalicious, Feb 6, 2009.

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    I've been in a commited relationship right now for about a year. We don't plan on getting married for another year or two. She wants to wait to have sex till marriage, which is fine by me, I'll repsect her wishes. We do everything and anything in bed but sex. So on to my question. We think that NFP might be something we will try once we get their, but my only question is can I cum inside her still only using NFP no condoms? The odds of her getting pregnant are pretty slim as it is because she was diagnosed with PCOS. Both of us agree that once we start, cumming inside just seems very natural. Do most people still cum inside their partner when they are on BC or using NFP?? All comments from both users are welcome

    I'm just curious and only know of one couple that are using NFP.

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