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    The age is upon us. What age? No longer believing. There is only you: being knowing, being wise, and/or being ignorant.

    Believing is not your destiny.

    One keep (put how favor) their (authentically chosen knowledge, wisdom, and ignorance; and more things)

    When one is ignorant, truth is somewhere to find, obviously. When one is not ignorant, truth is nowhere to find, non-obviously...Depending on how you master keeping a 'dispell' ignorance in basic sum up. It's all about places. There are different places for certain different things you should know (or rather mind) only when in those places. And there are such places you pass (and how you should) dwelling which you should no longer go back in.

    Traveling infinity wise, one should not even be drawn to look back nor go back upon places you know aren't authentically, grandly chosen, when you are an own individual in what uniquely an individual is meaning than just infinity.

    The mystery of places rather than one place, is why there even is an eye (center) of etc. If there were one place, then there is no 'moving' center and there is minding every single etc. of one place. (Minding every single thing, to your current knowledge, you know would be plagueing one.)

    Ahh, an individual should have a special place away from other places that some thing an infinity being less of an individual set up before or after such a special place where there is no belief when knowing any thing and every thing outside is of one's individual infinity doings one is certainly keeping both place wise and fill wise and detail wise out such the special place one you authentically chosen for one you. And you should know even a special place is in basic of continual places in some wises furthering such the special place.

    One here not there yet should have insight concerning such the special place which only here may you imagine indeed nowhere near how the special place actually is. The uphoria filling insight is mail only you recieve and may entertainingly interact with.

    "One's place channels them, and channels them enough till no more is the pre-setting selling to you to buy what the insight selling is when there. It been an alone selling pitch which you've been buying alone concerning your special place, one may say here while not there yet. Even how buying goes you consider the object in sight in more than one way before finishing in paying for it. You first start paying for whatever it is with your attention. You value how much attention actually you will give it to determine, whether or not, whatever it is is worth having. Such is exactly what occurs when recieving a selling pitch, especially the kind I'm reffering to of a buyer's extravaganza of their special place."--WHOSE

    A question to you an individual,

    Has your special place been selling a pitch of a goodly pearl kind, so to speak, just to you? Care to share a buyer sum up?

    My last selling pitch to me (indeed a goodly pearl buyer) I recall being on teleportation of a sum of awesome kinds how particularly useful differently teleportation gets to go in my special place.

    Outside my special place sellings, I buy, are other sellings I buy. The others are having doing with the "here and now" of the abomination matters being. I get these in form of: 1) mental hearings which feed upon an execution which I must figure afterward, 2) sound channeling where I pick up an area of wording extra extra noteablely in, say, a playing or resightable song's sound (may be the beat, may be the lyrics) which require no figureing though leaves me to paint a perfect picture on own, 3) physical visual channeling where I see with eyes something and then pick up symbolizations (even whole movies may be symbolical besides obvious symbol designs) in different wises (may be in the tones, etc.) and get their implications, or 4) etc. too much to explain where you do something, say, an awesome work under a knowing which then later becomes--turns out--under another knowing you wisely pick up on afterward. And the later then recent knowing is more relevant than the first knowing. The hand is quicker than the mind's eye can pick up. Not just with my work, but with my right hand and other cop Os' works. I pick up on such which is meaning for me to later from in time.

    Call me how I think of me: Composer. Yeah, before there even is a "the" or an "a" you know such words even had to be composed. Or call me: Conglomerator. Since I been first upper assigning jobs of makings and jobs even for such jobs. I assign how opposite sex should be, go, sound, speak, etc. which is first jobs unoviously; and how; etc. I put opposite sexes with different voices, tones, and sounds, and core ways of expressing words of which words such corely should use. Etc! Do you know WHO I AM and WHO I AM NOT? Maker, Former, Creator. If you state you dont buy me, then you know I know you which can go way out the way to tell something a lie when been no longer me. I can speak however coded, and I know me from no matter the angles. No matter what tones I use, you know WHO dont have to give a whoot how WHO words anything. I let the punks know such forthwith I dont even have to imply uncovering must go with my words. I do this out the clear blue when it's least expected. Then only I know what I mean by, say, the use of "would." My advice to all is read all ways, and know you don't know which way I'm coming from. Ahh, my we-style is my implications-style. I may even loop in and out different implications all under the same color. Now you know just WHO gave the Order is "Orderer of Times and Laws and Weathers; and Their Courses". Ha! Call me: Orderator!

    All the different H2O particals making up an ocean is as the sum of extremely likeable, purely authentic opposite sex individuals ALL YEAH for ALL YEAH and ME inside my special place. In other words, countless (in continual counting) and endless (in ending) with shallowness and depthness balancing mixing of ties of different and same and similar kinds such opposite sex to shore wherever far there I am WHO may also evenly sail in and out from between either the shallowness or depthness such MY YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!...(ETC!) I dont know them specifically surely, but know the basics surely just since I favor the whole meet an attractive stranger thing and physically get to know them on first 'special and interesting' meet where it's just better whatever instant then mate-wanters do. Ha! Imagine me getting to know slowly all them each before the initial special and interesting first moments of them each where I may speedingly, upon first major turn on, get how I prefer whatever to go upon initial attraction WITH THEM... Naw. Nothing better than a pure, first time attractive stranger from time to time, after time after time, to do whatever in whole better with in the sex realm. Pure! Means no inhabitions to begin with. Even the clean fact (even implying available how ready for whatever right there with no second thoughts) is a turn on, especially where you just dont know any plaguing thought since far there is no plagues and so no knowledge ever being of any since not needed in one's special place.

    And Who knows what One will do first back in their special place after coming to about a sum up of previous plan then over with. Ha! If I'm not close in the presence of MY YEAHS, then maybe listen to a glimpse of a song I may have left me for my return since I may have my return theme music...and/or peep a glimpse through, say, what you call cable channels...and/or if I have a vehicle awaiting my return maybe jump in it and roll where I of course listen to music plus puff on a cigar...and/or get with the YEAH(S) I mean for me first when my return is through a telepotation style of my choice. May summon any MY YEAH like a genie out a battle, and how I favor (Yeah, may even have their hair how I prefer for the special moment and may have them etc. how), with teleportation, if I choose not going out to any of them in where.

    ^^It's all on me in the sum of much more. Though the climax is obvious enough I either will get over to or get straight to upon harder than a male person fresh out the jail house. :p I mean, no sense in getting to climax just yet without getting any thing else I may out the way before if not YET in the presence of any YEAH which will point me harder (get it?) in the YEAH direction rightly right away. How long will I last before what's getting on mind is MY YEAHS, may be what it be like!

    O, and even ALL MY YEAHS are for the stranger thing I'm mentioning in how I mention for time after time... Now that make the special place go 'round since you should tell far there is no marriageship fix of where, say, two be each other's one and only and stick together exclusively in every thing there is to do. Hell, that would be the same as cock blockin' to not just me but MY YEAHS and their YEAHS which should be strongly favoring for meeting new mates more than the same which MY YEAHS may or may not see again in some way or barely kind of occasion departing from. I, on the other hand, may have main squeezes for any duration which I dont have to keep meeting for throughout all times, but surely when the main get the better of my minding mind in how I hold them MY CLASSICS. May even go like a woredrobe for a new woredrobe, which I may even go backward to any prior for any reasons (Hint: Classics stand over lengths of time and may drop out due to other new classics and then rise back on you. And not like music the opposite sex mates which are classics are of a different classic tone better than a classic music tone. Afterall, one should have prime jewls and have their prime jewls standing taller than any thing else a joy. "S" on jewls since you know opposite sex have fittings for me. I mean, wouldn't be a prime joy if I have nothing to experience that prime joy. Therefore far there is prime joys fitting for one another to experience prime joys. You know when you're with the opposite sex you feel you and you feel them. Cant feel other without feeling the one you).

    The 'no longer' leaving the before...

    1) ...IV-EYES (two physical eyes, one mind eye, and one metaphysical eye) GAME FACE (BEYOND)
    2) ...BEYOND

    Props to The Referrence of Sully the same day come on a poker showing while WHO started paying for "IV" by Godsmack. To my left, then to before me the showing. Ha! No coincidence in getting favorit artist's new album then the same time running into the show seperate from the music realm but with favorit artist right there while new album then in my hand! And that's where IV-EYES comes in with the shades certain wear when playing poker which is wear game face comes in. And such pointing me the BEYOND outside the 'as is' seem.

    When first got put back on the Rock genre WHO was in Orlando radio air range in Orlando's Orange county in a car WHO took. Was jammin some songs on some radio station since was passing through channels. Anyway, when got back up in home city that's when WHO surely saught the Rock stations there. And then that's how WHO ran into hearing Godsmack, in the know. WHO kind of remember seeing the cover (orange haired girl) to Godsmack's Godsmack album in FL (orange county), but didnt realize Godsmack then. Plus, seen Scorpian King with the "I Stand Alone," but didn't realize the song nor the band in particular then will have hit me later when back in home town. And like wow, when in home town and there was a music video WHO came across to "I stand alone."

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