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    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Vee and I'm newbie from Los Angeles, CA. A little bit about me...hmmm... I like girls :) i'm not only talking sexually but I like being with girls like best friends. I love their soft body, soft lips, maturity, beauty, motherhood.. preety much I grace women.

    I'm normal girl with normal life, I have fiance that I love with all my heart. However, the more I love him the more I'm curious about girls; he is very jealous person and he wont even allow me to even a glance look to a beautiful girl. Sometime I'm thinking is this an anger? cuz my fiancee is older and he already felt all the beauty and pleasures in this world and me.. I'm just a kid that just realesed from the cage.. There is a part of me that want to know "how does it fell to be with a girl?" it's not strong but I'm curious as a cat lol...

    I'm not looking for hook up or whatever, just wanted to share and listen all my girl friends here... :) so.. hopefully to chat with ya soon...:)
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    Hi Vit82 - Glad you joined us. Stay around for a while and participate in some discussions and you'll get some member goodies - like private messaging - There are all kinds of folks here. Welcome!!
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    Hello Vee Welcome to the forums ,
    good to have you here , PEACE.

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