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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by katattack, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. katattack

    katattack Member

    Hi [​IMG]

    I have found someone to buy blotters from, I'm just yet to get any.
    I have a couple of queries:

    -I'm planning on asking a male friend if he wants to trip with me. We've hooked up before while drunk, and it's likely that that will happen again, but what's hooking up/sex like on acid?? (I feel like such a tool here lol)

    -and, I've read a couple of times that people are very much put off food while on acid, that they don't get hungry etc? Has anyone ever noticed weightloss after a trip? (I'm not wishing to do drugs to lose weight, I'm just intrigued!!)

  2. Tedd

    Tedd Member

    Sup, i wouldn't suggest gettin naked while tripping, its wierd - i heard this from a few friends and on the w.e i found it out for myself. I found i lost my hunger while trippin. I hadn't eatin for like 30 hours or somethin (pills) before i took my trip and the whole time i still wasn't hungry!
  3. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    I think unless you actually have an emotional attachment to this guy, having sex on acid would be a bad idea.

    Obviously I know nothing of the situation, but if you normally would only have sex due to impaired judgement/lowered inhibitions (alcohol), things would be very different on acid.

    Acid changes your thought patterns in strange ways, but it doesn't impair your judgement as such. I just think there's just a possibility that things could get really weird, and uncomfortable.

    Acid can bring out deep thoughts and inner emotions, and if deep down you weren't comfortable with the situation, that might manifest itself in a way you might not like.
  4. katattack

    katattack Member

    Really? How interesting. Thankyou :)
  5. NoFurther

    NoFurther Member

    On weight loss, yes, I have lost weight from acid. If you trip often you will lose alot no matter what. Off of one trip you won't lose much unless you don't eat. But trust me, you want to eat. Keep a full stomache or a really good trip could turn into a really bad one. It sucks.
  6. Pepopstico

    Pepopstico Member

    there was a long thread about sex on acid a few months ago, look for it. Many people weren't interested in sex or had difficulty with it. For those who could have sex it was mind-blowing amazing. It's a different experience, unlike sex as you know it. Like others have said , it's emotionally intense and can be awkward if you have only a casual relationship with the person.
    dont go hungry, tripping takes a lot out of you and you don't want to be devitalized by lack of nourishment too.
  7. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    it is best to trip on an empty stomach! you shouldnt get hungry at all during your trip, if you do get hungry drink more water or eat something very light like toast or fruit. you do not want any food in your stomach when you are tripping - can cause many discomforts.

    tripping on a full stomach is like sailing with the anchor down. (it takes away vital blood supply from your brain)

    sex on acid is good but rare. if you feel comfortable enough to have sex then by all means do it - it would be the best sex that you have ever had, if you are feeling in to it but most likely you wont.

    is this your first time with LSD? how well do you know this guy?
  8. WhatKind

    WhatKind Member

    I find it better to have a full stomach befor tripping ensuring ur body has nutrients to last 12 to 24 hours cause during ur trip u may not want to eat a single thing that goes for light meals and fruit. trips can cause u to sweat alot that = a loss of body nutrients.
  9. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    fasting is a spiritual practice that can do many good things for you! you can easily go 12 hours or more without food - the acid will give you plenty of energy.

    i wont eat for 4 hours before a trip. make sure that it is fully digested. you will fly higher with no food in your belly!
  10. NoFurther

    NoFurther Member

    Please don't use the word "best." I don't want to push my opinions too strongly but that can be some bad advice to newbie trippers. LSD takes alot from the body. Everyone has different experiences but I rarely hear of people not feeling their empty stomache in a negative way while tripping. In many cases I have seen it cause bad trips. I'm not saying your being dishonest, but your way isn't the best for everybody.
  11. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    While you should take the acid on a decently empty stomach, once you start to come up, all I have to say is food is freakin' amazing on acid, and as for sex, can't say, but I have jacked off on acid, and wooooooow
  12. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    if your stomach is empty you need to drink water.
  13. katattack

    katattack Member

    yep, my first time using lsd. we've both smoked pot and ive experimented with otc medications, mostly sedatives/muscle relaxants - i did actually hallucinate from taking a lot of one type - cant remember which one it was though!!
    ive spent many hours with the guy and we get on really well.
  14. Neuronaut7

    Neuronaut7 Member

    Listen to your body - if you feel hungry, eat; if you feel like eating would make you sick - don't eat. If you don't think about it (has happened to me before, tripped the whole 12-14 hours without feeling that hungry, and when I had a ten strip I ate a bag of popcorn for dinner) ...well then don't worry about it. do what you normally would.

    If you hook up when you're drunk but don't have any bad feelings about it (either of you) afterwards and y'all know how your shit is - then by all means, have sex. Don't listen to people tellin you what's wrong and isn't just cuz you're reading about acid. I almost had sex the evening I ate a ten strip, but...well the two girls I was talkin to at the time were both at this party, so instead of risk hangin out with one too much I hardly saw either.

    If your stomach is empty and you feel hungry, eat. Don't just drink water, that shit's lame. Look at 3xi gettin all high and mighty with his "spiritual trip method" forgettin that you be spiritual in more ways than one. Fuck fasting, find your own method.
  15. _toker_

    _toker_ Toking Up

    I had sex while on acid, about 6 hours in, and it was awesome... it was with someone I loved, so it was cool. I gave her oral sex for what seemed like days and I indulged every second of it. Eat, you won't eat much, and it won't affect your trip a bit.
  16. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    high and mighty - glad you think so ... lol ... i dont see myself as better then anyone else - i only stand strong in what i feel is best for myself and others. i do not need to add a disclaimer at the end of my point making it clear that this is only my opinion and that one should make up there own mind, i feel that is pretty obvious. thank you Neuronaut7 for pointing out the obvious.

    there are many people who avoid eating when tripping. the less food you have in your stomach the more etheric you are. seeing that most people take LSD to experience a spiritual type of experience it seems fitting that some people take this part very seriously.

    finding your own method is unsaid... of course you will - you will listen to peoples advice, try things out for your self and see what you like.

    Neuronaut7- next time you "fuck fasting" can you take a picture for us... i have always wanted to see what that looks like.

    food grounds you and uses up energy to digest. you would never meditate on a full stomach because you would fall asleep. you would not do anything that takes a great deal of energy with a full stomach.

    i believe it is a fact that a lot of the time when someone thinks they are hungry (even sober) they are actually thirsty.

    if you feel like your stomach is too empty try drinking some water before you go and fix yourself a meal that might make things worse.
  17. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Sex on acid is FUCKIN tight...way better then booze or even ecstacy in my opinion
  18. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    If thats not a pile of shit i really dont no what is.
  19. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    last week i went to a show and ended up eating at a sitodown 24 hour hotdog resteraunt tripping my balls off, IT was The dankness.
  20. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    i agree

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