Newbie here, great site!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by nakedalaskan, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. nakedalaskan

    nakedalaskan Member


    I'm from Alaska, and I love the outdoors. Barefoot, hell, naked if it's not cold and raining!

    Wish to meet new friends!!

    give me a hollar
  2. JohnStossel

    JohnStossel Member

    Welcome! What's Alaska like?
  3. nakedalaskan

    nakedalaskan Member

    fun, awesome, rainy, cold, hot, cloudy, sunny....

    today sunny and hot though..... 60's
  4. I've been to alaska twice, and loved it both times! Most amazing place on earth as far as i am concerned.

    Welcome to the forums......
  5. moo-digit

    moo-digit Member

    yo, welcome aboard dude!! hope you like it here!!
  6. Ooh Alaska. That's interesting. I'd like to visit someday and go rafting to see some killer whales.
  7. bloomgirl1978

    bloomgirl1978 Member

    hey, welcome to the site!! I just joined too. (BTW) I love being naked and barefoot, I'mnatural and loving it!!!
  8. HippieLngstckng

    HippieLngstckng Bringer of DOOM!!!

    Man, Alaska! There's a place I haven't visited that I would like to see before my number is up. My friend said that it's mostly untouched by human civilization, and I can dig that.

    I'm a sissy, being barefoot and naked is all well and good, but it better be warmer than 60 degrees outside before you'll catch me involved in any of that tom-foolery! :D

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