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Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by rustyklichowicz, Jan 3, 2005.

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    I went to the New Year's Vortex party out at Theewaterskloof near Villiersdorp South Africa. It was a blast. How cool it was to be unbothered by the drunk and belligerent. The solve a disagreement with a fight club. Everybody there is there to jol (party) and it is all they are interested in.

    The beat is incessant and so loud that there is little escape from it. It continues non-stop through the night and on into the next day's late afternoon. It is not music in the sense that you can appreciate its qualities, it is a beat and an assortment of sound effects and you can escape it by realising you are not meant to be enjoying it as music and shut it off mentally. You dance, rest, dance, rest, dance, skinnydip, dance, rest, dance, rest dance but decide that your legs are not going to forgive you and go to sleep eventually. Rest involves replenishing your umpteenth beer and drinking it while watching the most fascinating fashions since the original pair furnished themselves with leaves.

    That fashion reflects the artwork around the dance floor. Fantastical and surreal made real by the fact that you are in the midst of it.

    Oh! How we danced!
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    sounds intense. hope you had a blast

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