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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by o0child_at_nature0o, Jan 2, 2005.

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    hey everyone.hope u had a gd new years day.i was just thinking how gd a time of year it is, it kinda forces everyone to think about the year ahead and how they can make it better(with the new year revalotions and stuff).i think this years gunna be the best's silly how caught up u can get in little things when really it's going great.imagine if everyday we got up and thought how we could make ur lifes better and others around us, instead of just new year.just think how good ur life might be in a week or a yr even.i'm sure alot of u already do so(hats of to you people) i just think it's gd idea,setting urself little goals almost i'm gunna try it.
    i think everyone should mybe post something they've came to reslise over the last year or some ideas for the year ahead or mybe to say how bad my speeling is.anyway happy new year people!!!!!!:)
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    i wantut 2 cament u on ur speeling but sinz u mensunt it urself i wunt go in2 it any furdr
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    happy new years to you too! :)'re spelling sucks!! how dare you! that is NOT acceptable!! :p

    in any case... this year i learned... to not trust just anyone with personal information from my life, that even though i may not agree with the laws of society- that i have to follow them (or get in trouble) and that you cant fuck with cops. :)

    i also learned to apprieciatte what i have and how much i love myself and my husband...

    hmmmm and you're right. it's good to wake up every day and try to make it the best day possible and that attitude really is everything.

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