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Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by Regal, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Regal

    Regal Guest

    I'm in the middle of writing my book and have high hopes that it will sell, but being new to this I'm unsure what to do with my book when I've finished?

    Do I seek out an agent who deals in the genre I'm writing? Do I approach the publishers directly? Or do I self publish and see where things go?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. IDK, does self publish cost a lot of money?Personally,I think it's better to be independent,but it doesn't always workout.
  3. _luckyme_

    _luckyme_ Member

    "When you've finished the work is just begun," the little mouse says. "It's proofreading, editing, rewriting, and then some, and then you ask a second pair of eyes to proofread and they discover that plothole, or problem with continuity you overlooked and more work piles upon you." She smiles and goes over the seventh draft of her current work in progress. "Yes, when you're done the work only begins, but do not let this discourage you, nor the knowledge that the traditional route probably means having to face a many rejection because your work currently does not fit their list, or it would if only ..." The little mouse reaches out her hand to help. "Of course you can self-publish, but be sure to hire an editor you can trust and have a decent cover and be willing and able to after publication dedicate most of your waking hours to promote and market your book for how else will it stand out in the vast sea of published books."
  4. Regal

    Regal Guest

    Thank you for the information luckyme.

    I'm prepared for rejection, however I wasn't prepared for the time its going to take so I appreciate the heads up luckme.

    Seems I have quite a way to go then. I have a friend who works in the media so I'm hoping she will will help me promote my book. The problem that I've hit there though is that she believes the best way to get the book out there is to make myself known. Put myself in the papers and tell a part of my story, she can do this for me but I'm not happy or comfortable to take this route.

    She believes that people will instantly recognise my 'name' after the publicity and that will help me sell the book, but I really do prefer to use a pen name and I want my book to sell on merit which I believe it will. But I don't think she's as happy to promote the book as she is to promote 'me'.

    I'm also lucky to have a family member who is an artist/designer and they have already agreed to do my cover.

    So although I'm 'part way' there thanks to your advise I'm now well prepared for the time its going to take to get to where I want to be.

    Any further advise would be very much appreciated.
  5. fleamailman

    fleamailman Member

    (at which point the goblin showed up, saying "...bit of a catch 22 really, in that those publishers won't take interest in you until you're slightly more known, but where becoming known involves finding a way that makes your ebook stand out amongst the thousands of ebooks already on-line without those publisher then, so now, how do see yourself squaring this circle then...", at which point the goblin guessed that Regal had noted that the writers here were not your run of the mill bookwriters now, smiling "...but first I must introduce you to your on-line readership here, for they are looking at your posts to get a taste of how you write, and if they then like what they read they will increasingly follow your posts eventually to your ebook/s but much depends upon how you write here...", and with that the goblin was wondering if he should explain further)
  6. Regal

    Regal Guest

    So, I've no chance at all of a publisher even considering my book if my name isn't recognisable? If this is the case I can strike that and focus elsewhere...

    My book isn't a 'story' its a self-help book based on 3 years of research and working tirelessly with people involved in this genre to enable me to have enough to give and I also have the backing from a senior association. (I'd rather not say which right now)

    I have a following online already and I know when the book is finished its going to help many in a different way to others out there of the same subject matter. There isn't a book yet out there that could compete with what I have to offer in this subject.

    I would never presume that anyone here were just 'your run of the mill writer' and its the very reason I found this part of the forum that I thought I could find help from those with experience to get me on that next rung of the ladder when I'm ready to take that step.

    If goblin has further to offer then write away kind sir......
  7. fleamailman

    fleamailman Member

    "...well you could try your luck on those more predominant writer's forums that appears the moment one googles writer's forum in the search engine..." replied the goblin suspecting the hip forum would slowly accumulate those more interested in livewriting now, adding " to see it as a bridge then, one between those who wish to find their next something to read, and those willing to offer that same reader a taste of themselves, well now, a novice might talk on and on about the book in the posts, placing the bookcover in their avatar spot and linking it in the post's signature, etc., but that approach cuts little ice with the readers themselves, just like it would cut no ice with you in their place I imagine, so no then, you have to start writing in you posts but how you square that circle is you to your readers...", yes, it was clear that the readers would increasing go to writer's forums to find their next read, since the publishers themselves could not be trusted to give an unbiased opinion, and nanowrimo seemed so sanitized and sterile, plus the fact that even the best most read book out there would only be read by 3% of americans today where 97% avoided books now, plus the fact that writing something over months only to be sold on amazon for 99cts hardly made it lucrative, so the goblin just smiled befriending Regal here, saying " readership is for real and growing, those forums that can attract both readers and writers towards them will be the hum of things, but the real question is how do you square this circle, only you know your own answer if you have one..."

  8. Regal

    Regal Guest

    I believe in always reaching for the impossible Goblin and although the answer may not yet sit before me, I have such great belief in my work that when the time is right... It will.

    I thank you for your time Goblin.
  9. fleamailman

    fleamailman Member

    ("...I hope it all goes well for you then..." replied the goblin not unaware that Regal had the stumbled upon the livewriters now, adding " tell me what you'd like your readers to know then and how you see things now...")
  10. jats

    jats Member

    ...well good luck and no I disagree Lucky, once you have done all that stuff , the same as everyone else, then the hard work begins...a repost then, arguing with writers again elsewhere on the best way to get known, where they all know me everywhere I go now...

    "...but..." Jats sighs, as he hates disagreeing with xxxxx, but "...everyone does that, and now he's going to do it, and everyone else will too, along with all the others, a sea of them, as insistent as those spam emails that get ignored despite the very good offers to enlarge your penis..." insists Jats, up late, unable to sleep and writing only for distraction with no thoughts of getting published or being famous from it, just writing to block out daily life for a moment "...and you can't just turn up on a forum now, especially a writers site and only say 'hallo read this - link', no even forumland expects more than that now, and that's where your readership is, waiting to be amused, so make them read you..." smiles Jats watching the dying embers of the fire in the little cottage by the canal where it hasn't worked at all as all Jats can think of still is her beautiful brown eyes now

  11. _luckyme_

    _luckyme_ Member

    The little mouse laughs as she agrees with Jats when he disagrees with her. "Yes, Jats," she says meekly and lowers her eyes. "I know what you mean, but one must--or wants--to jump through those hoops and do new and writerly uncommon things to get noticed." She laughs as she writes this post.

    A repost then?

    "To look from the outside in gives a whole new perspective. It allows for views upon one's self and ways to go about things one has never seen before." The little mouse smiles and offers xxxxx the opportunity to try it. "Don't be caught in the cage of your mind's box. Step out and see a world of possibilities." She sits and waits, "... have no fear for what's new and different. It might open up a range of new ideas and spark the mind to create stories unforeseen."

  12. fleamailman

    fleamailman Member

    at which point the goblin hoped that Regal had not been offended in some way by the writing style of the livewriters around her here, musing " we all mean well, and yes I doubt that there's another forum around that actually allows you to write exactly how you like as this forum does, I mean think about it, you want to write where the majority of people on forumland don't actually know what they want to read next, and then suddenly they're reading your posts and remembering Regal too, but I don't have all the answers either, though that's the fun of livewriting, just you stumble upon that which works for you, and before you know it you have thousands of readers all reading your posts across forumland..."

  13. sexyartist

    sexyartist Member

    I have published two books and I wasn't known. But its like anything else you have to work at getting your name out there. Unless you can afford $200 an hour for a publicist you have to make up and send out press releases to newspapers in your area. You have to set up book signings you have to talk to television stations in your area and see if you can get on a news show to have them interview you about your book. The best place to go to publish the first time is Once you are a published author a lot of doors are open to you that weren't before. I hope this helps you some. Good luck with your new book.
  14. _luckyme_

    _luckyme_ Member

    "I must disagree there, sexy," says the little mouse and she shakes her head. "Google is your friend, Regal. It shows you why you should not trust companies like publishamerica and such. Instead just be sensible and investigate trust your mind and not your emotions when there's promises made which are not realistic in this day and age. And beware of those publishers who want to hold your right for at least ten years unless you pay a ransom to get back what should have been yours in the first place."

  15. If you want nobody to take you seriously, then by all means self-publish.

    However, if you wish to become a well-respected author (or, at the very least, a professional), then you must break into the business the same way that 95% of all authors do: by submitting short stories to publications!

    Stephen King sold his first short story when he was 21. Isaac Asimov sold his first story when he was 19.

    Are you superior to either of these two guys? Do you think that you can just skip the difficult road and take a cozy bus to your goals (whatever they are)?

    If you can't sell something legitimately, then why the fuck should I think that you know how to tell a story? What guarantee can you give that your book will have all the necessary elements?

    Or look at it this way:

    If editors reject your manuscript, there's a *reason* why. Don't insult my intelligence by asking me to shell out a couple bucks for your rejected half-assed attempt at writing.

    Was I too harsh?

    Then find another hobby; otherwise, you won't survive the first negative review that comes your way.
  16. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    Things are getting a little heated there! Not sure if that was called for, but they do touch on some pretty important ground. That being some critiques could be just as harsh, if not more harsh than what was just witnessed. Have you gotten feedback from friends, family, peers? Like constructive criticism? Perhaps they can shed some light on what does or doesn't peek interest in the book. Why ask people's opinions if you're just going to fire back at them? Sure, we understand that some might not know your story and are speaking out of our asses. However, we can only comment on what was provided to us.
  17. what the fuck is a live writer? The only thing I know of is windows live writer

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