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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by midknight_snow, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Hello all you lovely souls, I posted this in the “introduce yourself” forum and someone told me to come to this forum with any questions I might have regarding the rainbow family. But I figured I would go ahead and post what I posted in the “introduce” forum so you know a little about me.

    I am very new to the rainbow family, actually I have only just recently found out about rainbow and began reading stuff about the family and it's everything I believe in and it's a way I want to live my life. In my current situation I can't fully live the rainbow life, but eventually this is what I strive for.

    I would love to meet some super cool and like-minded people and become awesome friends. Recently I have been so lonely and been searching for something true, true friends, true happiness. I feel so lost and I feel that through this extended family I can find the 'something' that I'm searching for.

    The people who just pick up one day, buy a van and travel the world inspire me the most. The ones who have the guts to hitch hike or walk to their destination also inspire me. I wish I was as strong as those people. Someday I hope to attend a gathering, ideally I would like to go with someone I know and someone who has been before so they could show me the ropes because I would feel very uneasy about going by myself. I would love to hear about your experiences at a gathering. Are they really as magical and beautiful as people make it seem? Because it looks just so lovely and peaceful :)

    In closing I just want to say thank you to anyone who reads this or responds. I send love and hugs to each one of you.
  2. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    the answer is "yes and no", I think.

    sociologists say that there is always a difference between what social groups say about themselves, and the way the actually operate. the rainbow family is no exception.

    now, there's a lot of great things about the rainbow family, but since everyone is welcome at a rainbow family gathering, it's no surprise that lots of different folks show up, and for different reasons.

    there's usually plenty of peace/love vibe, but also plenty of bullshit.

    rainbow family is not run by consensus as far as I can see. I think if you and others really argued a case for a change, it would probably be considered. practically speaking, it's the focalizers who put the work into making the gathering happen, and they are more or less the leaders in my humble opinion. I don't really object to that though, but it's just not the case that everybody has an equal say.

    if you piss off a focalizer, or anybody working in the kitchen, they may only give you a tiny amount of food as punishment. not every kitchen is like that I suppose, but that does happen. consequently, it's a good idea to bring your own food and be prepared to be self sufficient if you need to be. also what gets served, when it gets served, and other factors are not necessarily in your control. mostly, there's usually plenty of tasty food for everyone at gatherings.

    not all of the tribes of the rainbow family get along.

    there's usually always at least one, and often several people at a rainbow gathering who will try to cop a power trip whenever they can. it's usually not the focalizers, but somebody else who is playing or has assumed some role in organization. they will tell you do things rather than ask. it's usually obvious that it's about copping a power trip.

    there's folks that will rob you, and some that show up just to rob. you don't need money at a rainbow gathering, except to make a contribution to the magic hat (collection), so you are probably better off not bringing more than you need for that. try to avoid bringing anything to gathering that you don't want to get stolen.

    sometimes the magic hat collector will rob the collection. it's usually best to demand that the collector count out the money in front of everyone.

    they usually call money "green energy" at a gathering, because they don't like the idea that money is really needed to make a gathering work, even though it is.

    now that I've told you about some of the bullshit, yes, rainbow family gatherings really can be magical and beautiful. there's people that are going to love you for just being you, hug you, tell you that they love you, give you stuff, etc. that's the part that makes it good to be there despite the bad parts.

    there's folks that go there with good intentions, bad intentions, and mixed. anyone's welcome, so it's not a surprise when anyone shows up.

    I think that you'll like the rainbow gatherings, but I recommend that you not have any illusions that the same bullshit that you find elsewhere won't be there too.

    good luck and hope you have a great time at the gatherings!
  3. Thank you for your very detailed information about what it's like, and I mean that in a good way I wasn't being sarcastic lol. Sometimes it's tough putting yourself out there and wanting information but no one gives you many details, so I deeply appreciate it. I love lots of details. How many gatherings have you attended?

    So what typically happens at a gathering when there's not meals going on. I've heard about morning prayer or “om” sessions, and in the evening there is sometimes music, or at least that's what I've read. So what happens during the 'down' times? Do you just sleep in until you wake up or is there a wake up call? Where do you shower/bathe? Can you use the lake or creek (if there is one) to bathe in? Or do you just have to wait to get clean when you leave? Are there really orgy's that happen at rainbow gatherings?

    I hope you don't mind me asking so many questions. I just have no one else to ask and I can't really find my answers through google search lol.
  4. SunLion

    SunLion Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Be ready to work hard. What you get from rainbow seems to depend mostly on how much you put into it. Will try to answer better when at a real keyboard.
  5. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    there'll be a rainbow gathering in Missouri , in May - Mark Twain
    Forest . the site is yet unannounced .

  6. Thank you for the info! Sadly I'm not able to attend at the moment, but I definitely look forward to hopefully going to a gathering at some point in my life. :)
  7. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    spirit travellers are welcomed in a song . this is the
    beautiful .
  8. lily flower

    lily flower Guest

    e7m8 is correct. Bullshit definitely happens at gatherings both big and small. There seem to be people that show up expecting everything to be handed to them while they sit on there ass because it is a 'community.' There are also people that will yell and fight and bicker at all hours of the night. Not to say gatherings are not wonderful experiences... they are. Be prepared to help out and chip in when something needs to be done, that after all is what makes true community possible. Do not be one of those that shows up and plays the whole time not ever helping out... I have heard those called 'drainbows' several times. Just go with a positive attitude and good intentions and be willing to pull your own weight so that others do not feel like they are drained from doing more than their share to keep wood in the fire, cook, clean, etc. And if you do find yourself in the middle of negative vibes just relocate yourself and keep putting out good vibes... that's what it's all about... good peaceful vibrations.... As far as a wake up call or what people do, there is no wake up call or anything like that and people just do whatever they want.... sometimes people will lay out blankets and make all kinds or crafts, like hemp jewelry, paintings, wood carvings, clothes, etc.... That is always a real treat. You can always find people making music and having drum circles... there is usually a lot of creative energy spiraling at Rainbow gatherings. The first gathering I went to I actually ended up at unintentionally... it is such a refreshing experience to end up in a wonderful experience without even attempting to go there.

    Might I also suggest that if you are interested in communal living do not look solely for Rainbow gatherings... look into farms that need assistance and things like that. I have had wonderful experiences working on farms.

    I might also add that you are just as strong as those travelling and hitch-hiking and walking the world. Any lifestyle you choose you going to bring you wonderful experiences as well as times of hardship. Just look at the whole world as your classroom and a place to grow and learn. :)
  9. NikoGreene

    NikoGreene Member

    Welcome as you welcomed me your message made me smile:) The reason I joined this forum is the same as you. I just don't where to start nor places to visit. You seem like suck a fun loving spirit and I will share all I learn as I dip my feet into the true nature of life,Hope to hear from you and or stories of events and hope to see you on here.
  10. David54

    David54 Member

    5 nationals and 4 regionals.

    You do whatever you want to all the time, and others do the same. You work when you want to work, sleep when you want to sleep, and play when you want to play. People perform various religious rituals all over the place, that you are free to participate in or not, as you see fit. Many people bring instruments and play music at all hours of the day and night. There is also a lot of sitting around and talking.

    There are no official wake-up calls. Different neighborhoods are different, so be thoughtful about where you sleep. Some neighborhoods have people drumming all night, while some serve coffee at sunrise, or sometimes both. Sometimes some asshole walks around yelling in the middle of the night or early in the morning. But besides that, the only call that might wake you up is when a kitchen is serving food, they yell to let people know.

    There is almost always some way to bathe at a gathering. Sometimes streams are restricted in order to prevent ecological damage. But someone will usually set up a shower of some sort. You may have to set aside your needs for privacy. But if that is your pet issue, bring some tarps and build some bathing privacy for yourself and others.

    Despite the access to bathing, many people simply don't. I try to bathe at least every other day at a gathering, although sometimes I don't get around to it. But some people participate in a popular filth fetish that I find very distasteful and unhealthy. People will brag about how long it's been since they've bathed, and tell clean people that they're too clean. So if that's your thing, you'll be able to find company. But if you like to bathe, you can find a way.

    I'm sure that there are, but none that I've seen. There's certainly no pressure to participate in an orgy if you don't want to, but there are some creeps around so look out! If you really want an orgy, I'm sure that you can find or create one if you set your mind and body to the task.

    Doesn't matter how many questions you ask or how many google searches you do. You're not going to understand what's going on out there in the woods until you've experienced it for yourself. I still don't fully understand it, and I've been out there 9 times now.

    It's good to do your research. It helps you to be prepared and to stay safe. But there are limits to what you can learn from afar.
  11. kinulpture

    kinulpture Member

    Howdy, midnite. I currently live in missouri. I notice on one of your other posts you mention indiana. There will be some gatherings this summer & fall. I'm currently seeking a ride from missouri to indiana. I may have a chance to make money there, more so than i currently make here. Plz pm me. Or respond here. I know of quite a few facebook rainbo groups.
  12. I don't have the option to PM for some reason :( But I do have my facebook link in my profile if you want to add me there and message privately :) I'm not sure when I'm moving, but it's always nice to make friends...especially friends who live near by and going to the same place :)
  13. Aww aren't you a sweetheart :) I look forward to hearing more about your experiences as you have them! :D
  14. Thank you so much for your very beautiful and honest answer about how a gathering is from your experiences. It was very helpful and very much appreciated. Sending much love to you!
  15. needagal

    needagal Member

    hello snow,

    relax and enjoy.

    You got poetic name :)
  16. Thank you, needagal. :)
  17. I see you posted on my wall but I can't reply to it so I figured I would just reply here. I tried searching for you on facebook but I can't seem to find you :( if you search for this email you will find my facebook and you can add me

    And for the record I never use that email address so if anyone sends an email to that address I most likely won't get it.
  18. dandelionlynn

    dandelionlynn Member

    Hello Midknight, I'm a newbie on this forum as well. Thanks for asking all those questions about rainbow families, they've been informative and helpful for me as well :)
    I try to be as free and open minded in my life as possible and it is much easier done with support by others than walking alone against the materialist current that surrounds us. That's why we're here I guess :)

    Lots of love and sunlight to you!
  19. You are such a lovely soul, dandelionlynn! I'm happy my questions and posts have helped you learn more about this lovely family. Lots of love and sunlight right back at you! :)
  20. kinulpture

    kinulpture Member

    Ya see midnite wot it simply is that on here ya gotta post a few more times 2 get pm's. I would get on chat but my device wont support it.

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