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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by Swat30, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Swat30

    Swat30 Member

    Hi, im new to growing. im planning on only growing 1 or 2 plants for personal use only. my seeds are currently germinating in a damp paper towel on my desk but....can anyone reccommend a good light for me to use? I'd prefer a smaller one for right now.


    also, my seeds seem to be in physically good shape, but theyre from a bag i got months ago that i had saved in a little jar. Is there a certain point where seeds "die" or "expire"?
  2. Bob_Bong

    Bob_Bong Member

    Seeds Rot when they are to wet. and the sprout will die if it's to dry, if the seed is crack it won't germinate.. if there isn't enough warmth.. the seed won't germinate...

    seeds can take from 3 days to 2 weeks to germinate... lighting isn't your on your list of worries yet... BUT... if you're planning ahead (which i sure hope you are).. try compact fluorescent bulbs...we have them in canada.. i dunno about the states.. you can get away with one of those for the seedlings.. they put out about 1600 lummes.. if you wanna go bigboy... you can get fluorescents that put out 2900 lummes... i currently have 3 of those. equaling out to 8700 lummes total.

    anyway.. either way... compact fluorescent or your bedroom window.. she still needs light
  3. Swat30

    Swat30 Member

    what kind of wattage are we talkin? and how hot?
  4. erowid

    erowid Member

    Im not sure the specific bulbs he was talkin about, but thinkin a ballparkm for 2 plants on flouros it would be about 110W more or less. Flouro's don't give off an amazing amount of heat.

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