New song & video! Feedback needed please!

Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by Muso1070, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Muso1070

    Muso1070 Guest

    Hello all, i'm a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland and just wanted to share with you a new tune i put together a few weeks ago called Tonight.
    I was lucky enough to be invited over to perform in Nashville USA at the famous Bluebird Cafe back in June and it was that trip that inspired me to write this song.
    Its a pretty chilled out tune with a summery feel to it.
    Check it out below if you have a spare moment for new music.
    All feedback welcome :)

    Chris Keys - Tonight (Live)

  2. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    Your song is pleasant enough...And now I don't want to criticise,because it's your expression.The parts hang well together,and the production is pretty good.You can carry a tune,but at times the melody sounds a bit so so. As a songwriter myself this is something I also struggle with - how to lift the tune into that special zone that makes it just that bit better.That said,I can feel the sincerity in your voice.But I think it might be an album track rather than a single.But overall,I quite enjoyed it.Hope I haven't been to harsh.
  3. Muso1070

    Muso1070 Guest

    Not a tall Fairlight, i appreciate the feedback especially from another musician :)
    Thanks again.
  4. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    I am playing your song again.I see you view count has gone up significantly.Good for you.
  5. Muso1070

    Muso1070 Guest

    :) Cheers good to know!!
  6. Muso1070

    Muso1070 Guest

    Any one else got any constructive criticism for me? Im trying to improve my music video making skill and your thoughts are appreciated.

  7. Muso1070

    Muso1070 Guest

    I was kinda thinking the song is to long?
    And maybe the lighting is to much making unwanted shadows?
    Also is it just me or does the video look a little squeezed or something?
    These are only small issues of course.
  8. Muso1070

    Muso1070 Guest

    For anyone who enjoyed the song here are the lyrics :)

    Tonight by Chris Keys

    V.1 When will you see
    what you mean to me
    listen to your heart
    and walk on out, from the dark.
    HHHHHHHMMMMM -----------
    what must i do
    to make it clear to you
    love is all we need
    so please oh please, wait for me.

    C.1 And the day will turn into the night
    with you by my side to hold
    and the moon beams down
    over our little town
    it feels so right, tonight ----------
    Oh -- Oh ---------- Oh -- Oh ------------ Oh -- Oh

    V.2 How can i try
    to keep you on my side
    believe in all you dream
    and meet me somewhere in between.
    HHHHHHHMMMMM -----------
    One of these days
    we might find our way
    two lost and lonely minds
    oh please oh please, oh be mine.

    C.2 Repeat C.1 with 4th line:
    It shines so bright, tonight -----------
    Oh -- Oh ---------- Oh -- Oh ------------ Oh -- Oh
    2x Oh -- Oh ---------- Oh -- Oh ------------ Oh -- Oh

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