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Discussion in 'Alternative and Indie Music' started by Ace Poison, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Ace Poison

    Ace Poison Guest

    I'm a blossoming solo teenage indie-alternative/electronic artist (a new brand of ninja turtle!) looking for some publicity. The style I go by is actually, pretty "out there." I'd call it a blend of jazzy rock riffs, high toned whistles and reminiscent game-like synth melodies. Usually something interesting and unique comes out of the mix! I hope you all enjoy my work as much as I do making it!

    My new single, Hill Valley is released and downloadable for free on my bandcamp page!


    Listen on YouTube!
    Bandcamp Download (Pay what you want - mp3)

    Have a good one!
  2. whats up? i really like this song its quite unique and pretty fuckin awsome:daisy::afro:
  3. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    Good summertime tune. Good job!
  4. Ace Poison

    Ace Poison Guest

    Thanks a lot! :) It's nice to hear that people enjoy what I make. I've been writing a bunch lately trying to get an album out by the end of this short short summer so hopefully that works out.


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