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Discussion in 'Politics' started by DarthDva, Feb 15, 2021.

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    I never said anything about underage drug use.

    Higher education is a financial racket where corporations and colleges scheme together to get people out of their funds. Diplomas are a certificate of slavery where they slave has proven they have paid their 8 years of labor in order to be allowed to be a normal citizen.

    I remember back in the 70's my attitude was considered pretty normal, nowadays though people seem more in favor of the status quo. You do not hear as many songs like this with mainstream anymore:

    No thanks, that's just more taxes and taxation is theft.

    While I agree bogus courses should be gotten rid of, the problem is more than that. The very educational system itself is inefficient. The educational system is one person standing on a pulpit droning on for 2 hours while students have to listen to the sermon. 1 on 1 tutoring saves a lot of time, there could also be a new system with VR tutoring where a human supervisor is there in the case of any flaws with the AI.

    I do not believe all companies are like Apple.

    Again catholic dogma, I am not here to debate 1600's morality. Arguably, modern morality is even more strict than 1600's. Same dogmatic reasoning though of arguments and status quo and doctrine.

    My reasoning is not appeal to doctrine but appeal to science and biology. If teens are horny that means biologically they want to have sex. There is simply not more to it than that. If someone is thirsty that means they want water. If someone is horny then they want sex. As simple as that. Making people's wishes illegal is not progressive. For example, if a teen wishes to take HRT then why deny that to them. You can educate them about the pros and cons of HRT and allow them to make an informed decision.

    Why on earth do you think incel starts at 25, 25 is when people begin to lose sex drive, teens are the most horny, so what is Nature and biology (not society) telling us? If someone is 25 and virgin they missed out on their prime teen years and have been rotting for many years.

    Most of schooling though is useless and doesn't teach them a skillset ready for the workplace. So it does not actually make a difference. Your argument is that teens need school because it makes them ready for the workplace. But if schooling mostly teaches useless info that doesn't help them get ready for the workplace there is not really any point of that.

    The intent is to simply protect normal citizens from unsavory content. If some fringe group of the deranged is obsessed with finding unsavory content then so be it, the goal is to simply improve the quality of life of normal citizens and shelter them from that.

    The goal is to simply protect children under 13 from having to watch pornography or violence. If someone under 13 is really bothered by it they can report it to the State.

    Americas individualism is too far gone, in America a lot of towns look rotten and dilapidated because business owners do not have to conform to city codes, so they just randomly design gaudy looking buildings that don't match the other buildings. Our beaches are also full of cigarettes because of rampant individualism gone wrong.

    No it requires 2 keys, as I stated 2 times already. So it would be impossible to steal the car. As I stated earlier the E-cars would be designed for 2 keys.

    The average jane or joe is not getting a tank, as I said earlier only the highest ranking citizens get a tank, which is the 0.1% of citizens or less.

    Your phobia was of some angry redneck getting mad at a sports game and then bombing the stadium, this has never happened and probably never will happen. The odds of the Las Vegas shooter becoming a high rank citizen is also very low. Then, the odds of a high rank citizen rebelling against the country they admire, gives them large UBI and no taxes, and made them a high rank citizen in the first place is also very low.

    What court of law? International courts? They would laugh the case out of the office.

    China has been copying Japanese games and selling bootleg consoles and they do nothing. And what my country would do is far less than that, simply changing the story of one of their games after legally purchasing the games.

    If I ruled America the courts would have okay'd my rom idea in the first place, why would they also later overturn their decision.

    You do not want people who only have a limited experience of 1 gender's perspective, to control the national polices.

    Calling everything fascist is a weak argument. Also assuming society will be stuck in stone ages is also a weak argument. Technology is getting better and better, there will be cyborgs, there will be elixirs of immortality being made.

    And society will have to face the hard truths and realize if people live to 30,000 there will have to be cullings. They will look back to my teachings and see I was right about the future, while they kept looking to the past and idealism. Realistically, you can't expect technological progress to come to a standstill simply because society isn't prepared.

    Furthermore it is silly to say that immortality won't happen because elites keep it to themselves, meanwhile complaining that I am too fascist. Obviously elites hording medicine, and thus genociding everyone else, is far more fascist that my proposals of having fair and balanced combat arenas.

    America has a different culture so expecting them to not be criminals even if you pushed a magic button to ban all guns would not work. Americans will stab or pummel. You live in a different culture which explains why you have your perspective.

    The UK has a lot of crimes still so that's a broad brush. A lot of mass shootings are done by people who don't have a psychiatric history. So that's painting a really broad brush that removes the rights of law abiding citizens who happen to have a psychiatric history. Thus it sounds oppressive and fascist. The alternative is doing a blanket ban of all guns, which will not work since criminals will still have guns. Even if you could hypothetically push a magic button to blanket ban all guns, that puts women more at risk for home invasion, since guns evens the playing field for women since men tend to be physically stronger.

    I can compromise, perhaps a training should be required to own a gun in order to get a license. In training people can learn about shot placement and learning to avoid civilian bystanders and things like that.

    If someone is trying to break my door down or has already entered in through the windows. Or if there is some gangbanger outside shooting at my walls. Or if there is a mass shooter or something like that. Or if someone is at my porch but seems suspicious; I would not shoot them of course but have a gun ready incase they tried to enter or attack. Or if I am walking outside and someone seems to be following me around.

    I never said anything about mass surveillance. Mass surveillance is already happening, has nothing to do with me. Normies don't really fuss that much about it either. I have a position of neutrality towards mass surveillance. If a government is corrupt, like the current government, I am against mass surveillance. If the government is good and noble then mass surveillance is good.

    You are also exaggerating my eugenics plans as well. The blood sports are not needed until the elixir of immortality is made. Until then people can do whatever. Although I do vote in favor of professional blood sports in the current system. Professionals can choose to do it if they want, it's not state mandated until overpopulation becomes a problem. Furthermore, this current society is trying to depopulate everyone already, and normies don't see anything wrong with that. I am not in favor of the current society trying to depopulate everybody, so your complaints about me are imaginary. I'd only try to depopulate once overpopulation becomes a real issue, I do not view it as that big an issue right now.
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    LOL sorry T but sure what you are on about and since you are too afraid to debate – I probably never will.
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    And again with no new input from yourself (again you are just repeating things that you haven’t been able to defend before) I can only really repeat what I’ve already said that your ideas seem confused and contradictory and driven by grievance and authoritarian impulses.

    But the promise still stands that if you do post anything with relevance I’d will be happy to reply, but once again your seeming inability to join in with constructive debate makes that that possibility seem rather remote.
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    As I’ve said Darth’s is a pretty confused manifesto but as others have indicated there does seem to be a strong Incel theme in Darth’s posts and I must admit some of the characteristics described by Wiki as associated with Incels do seem to crop up.

    Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by resentment, misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity and self-loathing, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, and the endorsement of violence against sexually active people. The American nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) described the subculture as "part of the online male supremacist ecosystem" that is included in their list of hate groups. Incels are mostly male and heterosexual, and many sources report that incels are predominantly white. Estimates of the overall size of the subculture vary greatly, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands – Wiki

    It is also clear in the writings that Darth has much more animosity to left wing politics than to the right with many of the ideas been on a par or similar to those of right wing libertarians and with that similar right wing affinity to authoritarianism, conspiracy theories and grievance.

    This definitely in my opinion would place this philosophy in the right wing spectrum of politics however much the author seems to disagree it is such a pity that Darth seems so opposed to the point of belligerence in discussing their views.

    Anyway I’m still not sure this isn't just some type of troll’s idea of a wind up, LOL honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if Dr Seuss came up next.
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    "The blood sports are not needed until the elixir of immortality is made." I repeat: Get help. God forbid people such as you ever gain control of this country. As rigged as this country is now--materially, society -wise, racially, etc---your ideas would seemingly infer that a bunch of ignorant, sex starved , adolescent baboons should be the norm instead of some sort of standards that place respect for others and an orderly society as a goal. I think Ranko and Balbus have more than adequately refuted your crackpot ideas.
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    I know you to be a political activist . I wish you to resign as moderator .
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    You didn't exactly condemn the use of weed, DMT and salvia either. All which can mess up your head really good, all of them which I've never needed myself (see "straight edge"), and I turned out just fine.

    Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd wrote their anti-education songs for shock value, because they knew that would seem cool with the kids and rile up some of the more conservative members of society. But a song means nothing, and the messages shouldn't always be emulated. Black metal bands sing about death, destruction, satanism and human sacrifices all the time, that doesn't make it OK to actually do them. Gangsta rap is all about busting caps, fucking da police and "smacking hos". Again, very poor guidelines.

    Source: Trust me, bro.

    Well enjoy your privatized scam system then. Nothing is gonna change, if you always reject the alternatives.

    1-on-1 tutoring is cool though, but the problem is that nobody has the resources to arrange that for every student, except for the most challenged ones, who need the help most. You'll run out of available teachers. VR? Kids have been taught with computers ever since the 90's. Again, nothing new, and for it to work, the kids would still have to pay attention on their own volition, when the computer speaks to them.

    Yeah, well how is Apple supposed to get new workers then? You don't trust your country's education system, but you also don't trust Apple to adequately train their own employees. So what are they supposed to do? Oh, never mind. Apple already hires from India instead. Suck for the American workers, I guess.

    No, just common sense. I'm not actually religious at all, so Christian teachings do not control my choices. Children should be allowed to be children. When they eventually grow up, they'll then have plenty enough time to realize how much adulthood actually sucks. No reason to rush it, especially since many teenagers often simply don't have the maturity and resources to take responsibility for their actions.

    Because it's a decision that impacts you for life and cannot escape later. A decision that you'll have decades to regret, if you change your mind and decide that HRT wasn't for you after all. It's very difficult to undo afterwards, and many teens simply don't give these things a second thought. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not a choice and all that jazz. But there actually are recorded cases of people regretting that they transitioned. Adults even, and not kids, who thought that they had made an informed decision. Never underestimate the power of regret.

    25 is roundabout where not getting any really starts to bother you, and you start feeling the desperation and pressure to succeed. Before that, you could still brush it off with the thought that "oh well, I'm still young and can wait". But around 25 is where it REALLY hits you. And people do not lose sex drive at 25! I'm early 40's with boners of steel, because I actually take care of myself. Sure, if you wreck your body with poor lifestyle choices, then certainly erectile dysfunction will come visit you. But I wasn't that stupid and got rewarded for it.

    Source: Trust me, bro.

    That's how it works. Nobody today will hire an uneducated yokel, who's only completed the bare minimum.

    This makes absolutely no difference with anything. This type of censorship was already tried in the Europe of 80's. The British had the so called "video nasties", a list of banned movies not to be sold to anybody. But these type of restrictions didn't make a lick of difference, nor improve society, because the Brits still have a bunch of deranged and poorly behaving chav kids running around the streets of London, stabbing random passersby. Media censorship does not help. Good intentions, but proven ineffective.

    Vehicle manufacturers are still not gonna invest additional resources to actually make this happen. What you want and reality are 2 different things. Not that it wouldn't be an idea worth trying, but...

    There's nothing stopping the high ranks from going crazy either. In fact, by your own logic, then only the high ranks would have tanks, and others who get denied these weapons would be defenseless against them. By your definition, Donald Trump was probably a high rank. He made POTUS, after all. Would you like him, and his bat shit crazy supporters in high ranking positions, to have private tanks? What makes you think that these panzers wouldn't be turned against you, and your own system in a cynical effort to overthrow you and seize power? What you're proposing would make it just all too easy for the elites to at least attempt a coup if they get bored of you. There's a reason why this hardware is not given to ANY civilians. Because it needs to be handled responsibly. And this does not even include operating costs. Anyone know how much it costs to just refuel a tank?

    This is where I'm starting to get a bit worried about you. Yes, IF. But we all know that you'll never be the god emperor of United States. Therefore you don't get to spin your own custom versions of internationally recognized intellectual property laws. The whole argument is moot. I deal in facts, my friend. Not delusional fantasies.

    As for China, they do what they do, because sadly, thanks to their powerful economy and their 100 million man army, they are in a position where they can comfortably tell the rest of the world to go fuck themselves. But even China can't force Nintendo to accept their Zelda ROM hacks into the official Zelda-canon. Nintendo has no reason to accommodate them like this, because China has proven itself to be a rather poor market. Nintendo games are frequently pirated there, and their regional release of the Switch-console was received poorly because of all the censorship that Beijing forced upon the Chinese release version, incidentally proving once again what a bad idea content censorship is.

    Nobody's gonna live to be age 30,000, because those fantasy elixirs that you keep bringing up won't become reality. This type of speak completely underestimates the hurdles that modern medicine would still have to overcome in order to make this possible. Human flesh is perishable as fuck, and cells degrade. We still don't know how to actually stop this process. Certainly won't happen during our lifetimes, yours and mine.

    And the technical aspects of immortality don't even consider, whether or not it's actually even worth it to be alive 30,000 years from now. Do you really think that the world as we now know it is gonna still be there 30,000 years from now? Ancient Egypt only survived for 3,000 years. Ancient Rome somewhere around 1,000. The British Empire, if I counted correctly, couldn't crack 300. Cultures disappeared, languages changed. With the level of environmental destruction now, 30,000 years from now this planet could be a dead rock. Hardly an appealing thought to live to see it.

    So no, no need to be worried about any cullings. They won't materialize, because there won't be any immortality elixirs.

    Gun ownership is still a privilege, not a right. It's a privilege that you have to earn by proving that you're worthy. I see many in America who are not worthy. I will still prioritize public safety over manchildren's right to play with toys.

    UK is a special case in how poorly behaving they seem to be (no offense). When Brexit happened, it really didn't even surprise me. Something always seems to be happening there.

    Says the one, who earlier wanted people to turn informants and rat out their friends to the State for watching naughty movies. Mass surveillance is always bad, even if done by the good guys for the right reasons. But regimes change. All it takes is one election gone wrong, and suddenly the tools created to keep tabs on everybody will be in the hands of those who will exploit them. Not a good scenario, just ask anyone who experienced East Germany.

    This discussion now seems to be going around in circles, so I probably won't be pursuing it much further. @DarthDva appears to be rejecting reality, while substituting one's own, and as such, I don't feel very comfortable following down this path. I can appreciate exploring alternative systems and solutions in a purely theoretical context, but for the sake of your own credibility, please don't imply that you actually consider the figments of your imagination to be something real.

    No hard feelings, kid.
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    Well I’d say I was politically active so yes that would make me a political activist – but what is your point and why does that mean I should resign as a moderator?

    I mean I think anyone that comes to a politics debating forum to debate politics is by definition politically active as would anyone wanting to be its moderator and I’m at least honest about my political views and am very happy if people wish to criticise them although I in return will do my best to defend them.

    What I can’t understand is people that come to a political debating forum who seemingly wish to command attention but who then refuse point blank to discuss their views.
  9. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    Yes I’m sorry to say that as soon as Darth indicated the intention not to debate in any honest way (around page 4-5 I think) this was inevitably going to end up going in circles.

    This is a pity since the best way to learn and grow is through honest debate, it is a way of separating the wheat from the chaff, what ideas are worth pursuing and what not.

    Darth’s ideas seem raw, visceral and have clearly not been thought through and are seemingly driven by personal animosity and grievance, but if only Darth could open up and debate honestly it is possible that could be realised and so the possibility of moving on.

    However I’m afraid to say that at the moment Darth seems stuck and is unable to develop or move forward.

    I would argue that it’s not all of us and that in the area of Brexit many were and have been gaslite into taking decisions that are detrimental to their own interests.
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  10. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    Your use of language is propagandistic , and this is not moderate . Best you assume no special super-power . I know
    you were recruited by the forum managers for a specific political purpose . This was announced upon your appointment .

    And I also do not like chat bots to be moderators . Funny , ha ha .
  11. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    Well to me propaganda is the stuff pumped out by people that are unwilling or unable to defend it.

    So that is you rather than me.

    I’m very happy to debate and discuss my views

    You refuse

    I can and have defended my views

    You refuse

    My question to you is - why do you refuse what are you so afraid of?
  12. M_Ranko

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    Yeah, I remember the 52-48% voting result, which shows that you have at least 48% of the voting population that is still immune to nonsense and still have their heads screwed on straight. So sad to see that it wasn't enough to block this folly. In these troubled times the EU should've stood as one.
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  13. Balbus

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    The problem

    In the UK the media is dominated by sections of the right (neoliberal and nationalist anti-immigrant and anti-EU) even more than in the US.

    Those news groups have been pumping out lies about the EU virtually daily for over 30 years (and still are).

    We used to have a more objective and balanced counterweight in the BBC but that has just about gone as the right wing media was able to portray ‘objective and balanced’ (since it wasn’t overtly biased to the right wing) as deeply and utterly ‘left wing’ (when it was mainly right of centre) – to appease right wing governments and the right wing press the BBC appointed even more right wing leaning editors into the news wing and now the government has appointed a Conservative Party activist to oversee the BBC who has promised to stop ‘left wing bias’ across all programming especially in comedy were staff have been told to have a more pro-Brexit bias

    BBC cancels The Mash Report in perceived crackdown on network’s ‘left-wing bias’

    The Unicorn

    As one person put it with all this going for Brexit its surprising that that the referendum result in favour was so narrow.

    Thing is that the leavers were promised a fantasy – a unicorn - and now reality is biting and we find themselves tethered to a dead donkey with an ice-cream cone tapped to its head, the problem is that some leavers still believe in the dream even as the donkey rots and the stink is gagging.

    A New new deal

    The thing is that actually the US does need a new new deal – There are many things that need fixing first, like education, voting rights and police reform then it could move on to universal healthcare and the new green deal and so on.

    The problem as I see it that (like the UK) many people in the US prefer fantasies to dealing with reality
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    Oh yes--get rid of that left wing bias in comedy----up with right wing comedy!!! Wait--I forgot--right wingers have no sense of humor--not even a little bit.:confused:
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    Thanks for your nice-enough reply . We might discuss the planetary politic of energy . Personally I am willing
    to be a minimalist . I will here in the North burn little sticks through the winter . Little ones .
  16. Balbus

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    Well I’d honestly like to find out what your views are and why you have them, which is what political debate is about. As I’ve said I’m happy to discuss my own views I just don’t understand why you seem so reluctant to talk about your own?

    I’d be happy to discuss energy policy with you – I’d start by pointing out that burning wood is probably not the way to go especially in urban areas and that often a good energy policy is not based on the production of heat (as in say the burning of fuel) but its retention (having better insulated homes and work places).

    What are your thoughts?
  17. tikoo

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    Urban areas can bugger off .
  18. Balbus

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    You can say that but you must also realise that urban areas are not just going to disappear and that in 2020, there were approximately 57.23 million people living in rural areas of the United States, compared to about 272.91 million people living in urban areas?

    It is very important in politics and in the creation of policy to take note of the reality of a situation otherwise it is very likely to end in bad (or even dangerous) decisions.

    But as I’ve said there does seem to be many on the right who have now become unmoored from reality.

    You indicated that you would be happy to ‘discuss the planetary politic of energy’ - have you anything more relevant to that discussion than ‘urban areas can bugger off’?
  19. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    No , I do not .
  20. DarthDva

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    hmm, interesting. what was the purpose Balbus was recruited for and the announcement that was made?
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