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Discussion in 'Politics' started by DarthDva, Feb 15, 2021.

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    I'm glad you answered all that foolishness. I just could not bring the energy to do so.
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    I do not recall saying all leftists are shills, I said leftists are shills. I am within my rights and reasonable debate to use generalizations about leftists. Generally the mainstream media is controlled either by leftists or right wing like Fox.

    Leftists are the oppressive majority and so I do not have to play on their conditions. This is war, and I am a small minority fighting against an oppressive majority (left and right.) If you identify as their colors then don't expect me to take the time and find every leftist who is not 100% the same as everyone else. In war there is not time to pick and choose, you simply attack those who wear the enemy flag. I am a small faction fighting against a large and oppressive majority, if I occasionally do not play fair and occasionally make a fallacy while being attacked by 20 people at once so be it. Its no different than the redcoats and the Americans, Americans were an oppressed minority and so they did not have a fair chance.

    If leftists wear the enemy flag I am going to assume they are the enemy. I also provided a list of all the leftists policies I do not like. I highly doubt any of the leftists here disagree with all of those policies. If any of them do then now is the time to come forward. Which leftists disagree with all of the leftists policies I don't like?

    Leftists are the enemy, they vote for crooked hillary and rigged mainstream candidates. They never allow third-party candidates to have a chance. If they wear the enemy flag then I am going to assume they are the enemy. Do not expect me to give mercy to the mob majority that always ensures corrupt and crooked politics are enforced in America. They never gave third parties benefit of the doubt so neither should I place any faith in leftists to stand up for whats right. All they have been doing is naysaying this entire time and interefering with progress and my policies.

    And yes I did use First Strike. I predicted that right wing and left wing would resist my policies. My prediction was successful. I simply anticipated future resistance by left wing and right wing. If leftists actually wanted to prove me wrong then they would go along with my policies. But instead they chose to fulfill my prophecy. As I stated earlier, humans tend to be backwards and primitive and tend to resist new and better ways of life.

    Its like an alien in a ufo, predicts that humans are gonna be backwards and primitive, then the humans fulfill the policy of being backwards and primitive, then u blame the alien in the ufo for simply making an accurate prediction of whats going to happen.
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    I consider you a real conservative actually. You want to evict whites from their land and give it back to the Natives.

    That is true conservation, however I am a centrist and thus disagree with such policies.
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    Do you honestly believe left or right wingers would agree with all of my policies?

    I also consider Yang somewhat of a centrist because of this motto:
    This is the defining element of Centrism. All who are against centrism are against humanity moving forward.
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    I already stated to you that my government would have good drug regulations. So that's not even a fair argument.

    I could argue that school causes kids to become drug addicts in the first place. School is oppressive and stifling to human development. They turn to drugs as escapism.

    You should not support the corrupt college racket. 50% of americans are in debt because of that. And its just generally a waste of time. Having a 1 on 1 tutor can teach things a lot faster than sitting in a room full of strangers listening to generic sermons.

    I think calling them sermons is the first time I heard of that. I think thats an accurate way of describing what the modern educational system is like. Listening to someone on a pulpit for hours.

    Jobs like electrician would need some kind of state administered test for certification. If they pass the test then they have a license. This would save on a lot of tax dollars instead of paying for years of college they could simply watch youtube for free. They of course pay the State to take the test, to prevent unqualified people from taking the test before they are ready.

    If they have robot workers yes they have to pay taxes. Robot workers will still make them more money, even with having to pay taxes. With robots you do not need to pay a bunch of health insurance premiums. You can also have more productivity and better quality of work than humans. Robots can work longer hours than humans and maintain greater efficiency.

    I do not support companies like Apple. They keep humanity down by wasting the worlds resources on low quality iphones that they intentionally build low quality so that people keep having to buy more. As for the other companies, I will cross that bridge when the bridge arises.

    Obviously rape causes trauma. Noone said anything about raping students. The plan was for horny students to have consentual sex if they want to. Forcing horny people to be incel is traumatic also.

    Nope thats lies and fake news. If you had reading comprehension you'd know that schooling still exists in my proposal. I told you multiple times that school would be optional, I also explicated stated the sex was for teens.

    Castrated rapists do not really benefit society. If they become females then they can be a sexual vessel for horny males to have some relief with. If horny males play fair and never rape anybody, and a rapist decides to break the rules, then the rapist should somehow benefit the people that play fair.

    Not becoming popular? Shocker that. Who would suspect a progressive such as myself would have dissidents on a backwards planet like this.

    Yes, harmful things like horror media or snuff porn should be blocked on the internet. Unless you are some kind of radical libertarian or something who believes in total freedom.

    No. The citizens will observe crimes and report things to the State. That's generally how things work in the real world.

    One of the keys could be to open the door, the other for ignition. The electric cars push button could need a key to unlock.

    The military uses it to blow up other countries. Once again humans and the human species seem to fail at logic again.

    So if a military uses it to blow up other countries, humans see it fine and status quo, but if a citizen has it in their backyard and doesn't actually kill anyone with it, then its sudden crossing the line and we can't have that?

    First of all only the top-tier citizens would have clearance to such weaponry, it wouldn't just be randomly handed to random joes. It wouldn't be a bunch of random joes going around demolishing football stadiums with tanks.

    There are other technologies out there besides that.

    I am not having teens who are brainwashed with media depicting them as incels. Teens need media that doesn't depict good healthy males as rejected by zelda. If Japan doesn't like my country changing the story it they can suck it.

    Consider it ret-conned then. We will also change the story of star wars 789 because it was ruined by greedy capitalists who catered to normies.

    Japan is not gonna invade my country over a rom hack. Especially when my citizens buy honest copies of the game.

    Males will be genetically modified as well. But that is a topic deserving of its own thread.

    As I stated earlier, my trans politician plan is flawed, and cis might as well rule. You don't want gender binaries ruling your nation.

    You don't want people who only experienced life as one gender to have complete power. You want futas and non binaries in charge.

    Close minded people won't, and most people are close minded sheep who go along with the status quo. On the other hand, there are some higher humans who see the wisdom of my plans.

    Good ideas are usually attacked/ridiculed then after a while people come to their senses and recognize the good ideas.

    A side issue we can work out later. The main point is that news is toxic and causes social rot.

    They are offered sterilization if they wish to be a coward, is that not enough?

    Offering their lives to be spared is not enough for them?

    Also, I do not fear an uprising from the cowards. At most they will hold puny signs.

    If the elixir of immortality is made, and people do not see the danger of overpopulation, or why they need to do their part to help mitigate this, then they are selfish.

    Fantastic fairy tale thinking. There will always be criminals, even in utopias. And a lot of utopias exist because citizens are well trained in guns, for example Switzerland.
    A second reason for all citizens to be well equipped is in case of backwards nations trying to invade, you want well armed citizen militias to defend the country.

    "Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world, with per (ranking below only the United States, Serbia, and Yemen in this measurement).

    45.7 guns 100 residents"

    "As for gun-related crime in general, a 2001 BBC article reported that in Switzerland “the gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept.”

    I read some statistic that only 4% of shots hit in a gun confrontation. Not sure if the statistic is true, but you've said so many mistakes in one paragraph. A gunfight always doesnt end with somebody dying. Sometimes noone is shot and they run away. Or someone goes to the hospital and survives. And your examples are so patently absurd, like going against 10 gangbangers or some nonsense like that. Obviously noone is trying to go against 10 gangbangers. They just want a gun so they can feel safe and comfortable in their own home. Its simply respect for boundaries. People that don't value boundaries tend to never lock their door, leave their door open at all times and automatically trust every human being they see, then expect everyone else to be as domesticated and naive as that, as if its normal and healthy to be that domesticated. Its like that feeling of getting into a car with someone whos doing drugs. You ask them not to do drugs while driving but they reassure you its fine and theres no need to worry. Same general experience, being around a really confident person who arrogantly believes nothing bad will ever happen to them and you are forced to go along with whatever they say, kind of like truth or dare and the peer pressure scenarios. Sorry but no, people should have the right to lock their door if they want and not automatically trust strangers if they want.
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    Not necessarily evicting them, but for the owners of the land now to pay 'rent' (backdated) to the previous native Americans who had their lands illegally stolen from them - which if achieved, would make native americans very rich indeed !!!
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    As long as only the 1% has to pay it, fine. Also the money should be distributed to anyone with Native American DNA, not just full 100% Natives. But if common americans have to pay it and not just the 1% then no.
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    Tough !!! - Did your ancestors think about that when they murdered, raped and stole the land in the first place ??? no, they didn't they just went ahead and did what they did, taking and using the land for their own purposes !!!
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    Re Darth

    But as has been pointed out to Darth he does not seem to indicated which lefties he sees as shills and which not - so the statement - leftists are shills – would imply ALL lefties

    As has been explained to Darth there does not seem to be any left wing ‘mainstream media’ and although asked has been unable to name even one, so either this is ignorance or lying.
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    RE- Darth

    Well I must thank Darth for backing up what I’ve been explaining - it’s not about debate or discussion it’s about attacking and defeating an ‘enemy’ the very definition of an authoritarian mentality

    This is not about been able to defend ideas form criticism it is all about destroying anyone that opposes your doctrine.

    But as is clear Darth really hasn’t a clue what ‘centrism’ means or can defend what he has said about it.

    This is the chilling cry of the fanatic throughout history – it’s about striping those who oppose you of their humanity making it easier to do whatever you want with them.

    Be it beheading dissenters or burning heretics, I mean the Nazis though 'inferior races' stood in the way of ‘humanity moving forward’ and came up with a solution, a final solution to deal with the problem (and as Darth has put it nothing about such mass murder actually violates the laws of physics and therefore is within the realm of reality’ and so is ok to do)
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  11. Balbus

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    That doesn’t answer my questions - why do you wish to defend Darth’s arguments and could you do so?

    Why do you support someone who is refusing to debate or discuss the statements they are posting here – do you like fake news, lies and the spreading of propaganda and if so why?

    You say you could attack my political ideas – but can you – I think if you could you would but knowing you can’t you pretend, but please prove me wrong.

    LOL I also get the feeling that someone who says attack in the same breath as peace and love is probably not really that much into peace or love. I mean there are a lot less aggressive ways of saying you disagree with someone’s views
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    Can we spell narcissist, kiddies?
  13. tikoo

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    Not interested .
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  14. DarthDva

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    That is simply not true, I have offered plenty of debate, even to rude individuals who distort my some of claims and teachings. I responded to almost every single one of straightedgeXXX points.
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    I would invite you to consider that humans who oppose plans for a better world are perhaps narcissistic or malicious in some other sense of the word.

    Under the current definition of narcissism I suppose grandiosity could fall under the definition, but that is just another example of primitive humans setting themselves up to fail from the start by automatically setting up a system that automatically shames anyone who tries to change the status quo.

    I suppose maybe it was a bit narcissistic and harsh to imply some right and left wingers to be primitives, however I feel like what I said was justified based on the results. My whole life I have been battered, bruised, slandered and ridiculed by normies. Forgive me for wanting to get in some early blows because I know how this game goes. Throughout this thread I have been ridiculed, slandered, misgendered, accused of being right winger, accused of being a pedophile, and other vile nonsense.

    My exact words were "of course I expect resistance against this policy from both the right and left, as humans in general have tendencies to remain backwards and primitive". I feel like this was not a direct adhom personal attack to anyone, since I only stated humans in general are primitive, and criticizing humans is fair game imo.

    I would further invite you to consider that your response to me in another thread was rather narcissistic, its an othering to paint depressed people in a broad brush like what you did. Its also a lack of empathy to force all horny teens to not watch porn, something that would be expected in a backwards nunnery.
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    If you cannot debate a transwoman without misgendering her I would ask you to politely leave the conversation.
  17. DarthDva

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    As a minority those who oppose me are indeed the enemy. People who misgender on purpose are the enemy. Furthermore, left and right wing are the enemy since they control the politics and pass all the laws. Third parties never get a fair chance at presidency or power. By definition this means they are an oppressive authoritarian regime.

    I can assure you no heretics will be burnt, that is uncivilized and cruel. We oppose backwards an inhumane punishments, at most we endorse the death penalty, death will be swift by shotgun or painless lethal injection. Generally we use death penalty as a last resort, and would prefer sending criminals to reeducation centers to learn how to be a harmonious citizen.
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    Yes, but this is all hypothetical, because you and I should both know that there will never be any "your government". Everything that we say here is just theoretical, because we actually don't have any de facto power to make decisions, or create policies. We can only speculate.

    Yes, I know that the system creates broken children. I've seen it happen myself. But allowing underaged drug use and letting them skip higher education completely won't help them in the long run. Druggie kids become a mess, that takes years to clean up. Many go to prison and even die.

    Where I live, there is no corrupt college racket. Universities in my country are state controlled and funded, they get their operating capital from the government budget. This is what you Americans should also do, you should nationalize your private universities, and get rid of all the bogus courses and fluff to bring the costs down. In my country, citizens get to roll in and study for free, only paying for their personal living costs and study materials. Waayy cheaper than the American scam system, and has paid itself back by providing us with many functional and contributing citizens, who then give back to the community. By adopting this form of "scary leftist red commie pinko socialism", you could bring down the study costs for the individual student down by about 90% even. It seems that you didn't know there exist a system like this? Everything that you say certainly comes from a very American perspective.

    And yet, you wish to see these companies take over the higher education of Americas youth, when you yourself don't even trust them to do right by others. How is this logical? Anything just to spite the left, eh?

    Horny or not, a teacher's job is NOT to have ANY sex with any student, regardless of consent. This is generally recognized as being highly unprofessional and immoral behavior from a teacher. In general, anyone under 16 is not yet supposed to have any sexual relations with people twice their age. Teens don't yet meet the criteria for an incel. Teenagers are generally not yet expected to be sexually active with dozens of partners. They are still in many places and cultures expected to do kiddie stuff. An incel is when you're somebody aged 25-ish and beyond and still fail to find a partner. Something tells me you're expecting too much from teenagers. They're not yet expected to be in any serious relationships, many hit their 20's as virgins, and there's nothing strange or deviant about that.

    Optional school for early teens is still not a good idea, no matter how much you go on and on about it, because obviously many of the lazier and carefree ones wouldn't jump at any of the voluntary options, because in a teenagers mind instant gratification and having fun always trumps the dull idea of planning ahead for the future and playing the long game. About the only way I could see this work is, if employers in the future would actually start to accommodate this type of thinking. But the corporate world in general is too selfish and cynical to actually even consider something like this, much less arrange it to happen. Sorry kid, just a fact of life. If basic income actually becomes a thing, we can talk about this again. But right now kids will just have to play with the existing rule set, or risk falling off the wagon, if they neglect their studies and can't find anything outside the beaten path.

    Well, it's not like this is ever going to become reality, so I guess it's pointless to go on about it.

    I've seen a world, where the so called "harmful media" was often banned from being sold by order of the state and their censorship board. Mind you, this was pre-Internet, but it didn't stop the crafty ones from simply importing uncensored stuff from more liberal countries like Spain. Copies of copies of copies of those VHS tapes then circulated from person to person and most everybody, who was interested in these material were able to see them sooner or later. And you're seriously suggesting that censoring the Internet works, when even high profile dictatorships like China fail at this all the time. This is the golden age of torrent downloads and file sharing and pirate streaming sites. And easy-to-hide USB sticks and microSD cards, if it really goes back to physically smuggling material across borders. If people wanna watch contraband media, they will succeed in it. If you refuse to believe me, try finding and watching this documentary film:

    <i>Chuck Norris vs Communism</i>

    and then tell me what your chances of weeding out unwanted materials are in today's world, when even the totalitarian communist Romania couldn't do it back then.

    Haaahahahaha! No they fucking won't! No one's gonna rat you out for watching a naughty video. And that's a good thing too. Some serious shit dictatorships like Nazi Germany and communist Russia did this to their citizens. In North-Korea it still happens. Nobody in their right mind would support this, because they don't want to be associated with regimes like these. There's even a fairly recent example of something like this getting shot right the fuck down by the general populace unanimously. When Microsoft was rolling out the Xbox One in 2013, they were thinking about doing a DRM scheme, where the console's web cam would observe, how many people there are in the room, and interrupt your gameplay, if too many people are detected:

    Xbox One's Kinect Might Include Visual DRM Feature

    Less surprisingly, this didn't go anywhere, and the mere rumor hurt Microsoft's Xbox One sales when people lost their shit. In a country like America, where people cherish the freedom of individual, your idea would find zero purchase.

    Yes, A key, that the liquor store clerk could use to steal your car, because, ta-daa, no dual ignition in the E-car.

    All sovereign countries from time to time unfortunately have an actual legit need to defend themselves from the aggressions of other, hostile nations, and you can't fight those wars with slingshots. Unless you enjoy getting invaded and annexed frequently. But your average Jane/Joe doesn't need a tank for anything other than a penis extension. "Doesn't actually kill anyone with it"? Do you wanna take the risk that some day the urge for this wouldn't arise? There's a reason why the tanks that are actually sold to collectors come with their cannons welded shut. So that some asshole some day wouldn't get the brilliant idea of firing tank shells into a crowd of people just for shits and giggles. Like the Las Vegas shooter no doubt would've done, given the opportunity.

    Such as?

    Oh but they're not gonna suck it. They don't have to when the law is on their side. They're gonna make you suck it in a court of law. See next.

    They don't have to invade anything. I'm not sure how you missed this, but Nintendo has an entire North American branch called Nintendo of America. The Japan headquarters would simply delegate them to handle the court case against you. In US court, using US laws. No military operations needed. Whatever the case, the end result would be that your fan fiction would not be seen anywhere in their official releases. Didn't you know that Nintendo is one of the strictest companies when it comes to this?

    It's starting to look like I do want gender binaries ruling my nation.

    Mandatory sterilizations and general cullings to the population is what fascist states do. Also, immortality, if it ever even becomes real, is power. Do you honestly think that it would be shared with the common masses? No, the elites would keep it to themselves. Your fears of overpopulation from immortality are exaggerated.

    I live in that fantastic fairy tale every day. I can go outside in the middle of the night and nothing's gonna happen to me. I'm not gonna get shot or mugged, you know why? Because I live in a country that showed solidarity and took care of its own, and didn't fall for this twisted cult of exaggerated individuality, and trough that eliminated people's need to riot on the streets. Crime rates here are so low, you wouldn't believe. Cops use their guns maybe twice a year in the WHOLE country. Maybe. And it's usually always drugs related, because everybody else knows how to behave. I seriously have zero need to defend myself with a gun.

    As for Switzerland, yes, it's true that they have a culture where their army reserves are allowed to store their service rifles at their personal homes. However, as of few years ago, they can no longer keep the ammunition at home, so the gun will be pretty useless for self-defense, unless you decide to use it as a billy club. Most Swiss people don't even carry theirs with them. And if the police deems a person unsuitable on psychiatric or security grounds to own a gun, they will loose their permit to have it, or any other gun after that. In all Euro countries we do much stricter security checks on people wanting to have gun permits. The results speak for themselves. The difference between our gun deaths, and yours is so big, it would be laughable, if it weren't so sad. No guns for crazies works.

    Stray bullets don't care about statistics or percentages. Once you unload on somebody, it's always at least part luck who gets hit. It's not just about you or the perceived attacker. You might also hit a 3rd party bystander, who did nothing to deserve getting shot.

    Allright, hotshot. What is that fantasy scenario, where you'd feel threatened enough to actually pull a gun on somebody?

    And more importantly, are you gonna keep doing this for long? While technically I could do it, I really have no interest in wasting a better part of March replying to this thread. Just in case you're gonna keep sounding like a broken record, I just wanna say that if you really think that these ideas of yours are for the betterment of mankind, you should probably have your head examined. I don't know you well enough to hate you, and I have nothing personal against you but buddy, you have ideas here that you might wanna keep to yourself. People don't like mass surveillance, or when you try to take things away from them, or when you want laws that are clearly biased and favor a particular group over all others. Or when you want to enforce eugenics trough mass sterilizations and culling the herd trough government sanctioned blood sports. You complain that people are unfair when they resist your ideas. But maybe try leaning back and thinking really hard, what exactly then is wrong with these ideas? You might just get your answers.
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    With no new input from yourself I can only really repeat what I’ve already said that your ideas seem confused and contradictory and driven by grievance rather than the rational with authoritarian impulses

    But if you do post anything with relevance I’d will be happy to reply, but your seeming inability to join in with constructive debate I’m sorry to say makes that, at this moment in time, seem rather remote.
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    Balbus the Bulbous is sorry .
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