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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Alomiakoda, May 8, 2004.

  1. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    Is it just me who's taken the oppurtunity to change their username? :p

    (In case you're's Erykah/RainbowGurlie :p)
  2. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    nope, im same as always, so yay :p
  3. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Nah, I'm happy with my name as it always was, too much change in one day would be too much to cope with:p I thought it'd be easier to keep the name to avoid confusion. If anyone does change their names, please let us know:)
  4. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah now...spyder!
  5. Ananael

    Ananael Member

    No, I'm staying the same. Change is far too confusing :confused:
  6. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    i am the same i am the same. but i am not sam.:confused:
  7. autumn_jewels

    autumn_jewels Member

    i was gonna change to daisylou, but ive been autumn_jewels since i was 16 and i couldnt do it hehe:) so im still the same:rolleyes: hehe

    autumn daisy
  8. hmmmm I like MINe.. LOTS!

    what is it shortenateable to tho? LIVID! yesyes..
  9. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    Damn, i should come back as DandyPandyFishFace :p ... hm
    i think i love my name as it is...

    guna get confused, someone suggested if you change your name have your old one as you signature for a while and we'll pick up on who you are soon enough

    *sighs* bblew righting
  10. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    That names personal... just for me to use in the bedroom!!! :eek:
  11. Jim

    Jim Senior Member

    I'm not very creative, because Jim is actually my real name... lol but I'm glad I got in quick to re-register it, as I would've thought all the 'Jim' connotations would go pretty quick... for obvious reasons.. (deceased worshipped musicians etc.. ) lol :D
  12. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

    It seems so cold and unfriendly now. I guess I will have to get used to it. Hey Sal do you know if we will be getting any of the old stuff back and us supporters will we get our forums back as well as our supporter status???

    Love & Laughter
  13. PinkMoon

    PinkMoon Senior Member

    katz86 is now PinkMoon ... i never much liked my old name and now its a new start!
  14. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    You'll have to PM Skip for him to return you Hip Forums Supporter status. As for the personal forums, yep they will be coming back. The old personal forums, as dated back to March, are available for use using the old system, but I think a new personal forums system will be coming in time....
  15. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    i like how you can chage the fonts...i don't like how you have to change them every tme you do a would be better if that was one of the options you could keep...

    but yea...i kept my name...cos that's who i i the oly one who actually uses their hipforums name as their name in real life? and not a shortened or modieifed version? or is that just too fucking boring a question?
  16. Graham

    Graham Member

    ha well i do.. guess i am just sad though.

    ps. i changed my name from greame incase you cant guess :)
  17. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    Tis me, formally known as butterfly_girlie, got in there early and got a nice simple name :)
    One of the reasons I liked the old forum was that it didn't look like normal forums, but I've got to admit I like all the new options on this one. Just hope they bring back the backgrounds!
  18. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    sorta, my full name is Kieran, but i shorten it to kier :p
  19. miabubble

    miabubble Member

    Formally hopelessromantic, but you all know me as Mia anyway, and I'm miabubble on other messageborads so I guess I just thought I'd go back to being a bubble again... :) :)

    am loving the smilies!!! ;)
  20. Summertime

    Summertime Member

    I'm still Summertime. I preferred the old forums but I guess these are still in the early stages so it should all be good soon. :)

    Summer. xx.

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