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Discussion in 'Movies' started by johnplanters, Jun 3, 2004.

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    :?: :?: :?: I'm a student at Rutgers, where this website, is gaining in massive popularity, because it's streaming a controversial documentary by a guy named Alex Jones, the alledge mind behind Michael Moore's new film: Police State III:Total Enslavement [

    It's a fairly chilling examination of critical news that gets back-page placement. I've never heard of Jones, but he's supposedly the mind behind Michael Moore's new film. His film is along the lines of a massive national cover-up.

    Has anyone heard of Alex Jones. So many students here are talking about the video, but I can't find any substantive info on him? :?: :?:
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    i just dont' trust him very much. i hate being deliberately mislead and manipulated, makes me nuts, so i avoid that sort of stuff.

    Last update: June 4, 2004 at 9:28 AM
    Rep. Kennedy pans Michael Moore film editing

    Kevin Diaz, Bureau Correspondent June 4, 2004 KENN0604

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Rep. Mark Kennedy has unhappy memories of his filmed encounter with leftist moviemaker Michael Moore, an encounter featured Thursday in a trailer for the upcoming U.S. release of the film "Fahrenheit 9/11."

    "I was walking back to my office after casting a vote, and all of a sudden some oversized guy puts a mike in my face and a camera in my face," said the Minnesota Republican. "He starts asking if I can help him recruit more people from families of members of Congress to participate in the war on terror."

    Kennedy said he told Moore that he has two nephews in the military, one who has just been deployed in the Army National Guard.

    But to Kennedy's annoyance, his response to Moore was cut from the trailer (and from the film, according to a spokeswoman for the movie).

    "The interesting thing is that they used my image, but not my words," Kennedy said. "It's representative of the fact that Michael Moore doesn't always give the whole story, and he's a master of the misleading."

    A spokeswoman for the film, which has found a U.S. distributor after the Walt Disney Co. refused to release it, said she had no comment.

    A transcript released by the film's producers shows Moore telling Kennedy that "there is only one member [of Congress] who has a kid over there in Iraq." He asks Kennedy to help him pass out literature encouraging others "to get their kids to enlist in the Army and go over to Iraq."

    Kennedy replies, "I'd be happy to. Especially those who voted for the war. [As Kennedy did.] I have a nephew on his way to Afghanistan."

    To which Moore replies: "I appreciate it."
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    0 is alex jones's website...

    and theres some stuff on

    all his films are released on that label...apparently he got really pissed off when the michael moore film came out because "he's just doing it for money" and the sensationalism of what is now a very popular subject...
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